Smartphones, MacBooks are in short supply, increase prices in Vietnam - VnReview

Smartphones, MacBooks are in short supply, increase prices in Vietnam – VnReview

Retail chains say smartphone shortages are getting worse. Even some newly launched models have had to stop selling because there is not enough supply.

The chip shortage affects the entire smartphone and laptop manufacturing industry globally. According to retail systems such as CellphoneS and Hoang Ha Mobile, recently the shortage of goods is getting worse and worse. New products are constantly out of stock, increase in price, or even stop selling.

“In the past, Apple has always ensured enough stock due to TSMC’s number one priority. However, recently M1 chips have become rare, specifically new iMacs and iPads are difficult to buy and the time to get genuine goods has been dragged down. long.

In addition, the new ROG Phone 5 model has only arrived at about 800 machines, and if you want to import more, there is no stock because of the lack of chips. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G lacks color, the goods arrive late, making customers wait,” shared Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, a communications representative of the CellphoneS system.

A representative of TGDD said that the iPad Pro M1 is experiencing a shortage of goods. Distributors can only deliver about 10-15% of orders from the system.

The chip crisis has caused many smartphones to be in short supply in Vietnam

Currently, MacBook Air M1 is being sold for 26.5 million VND at CellphoneS, an increase of about 500,000 VND compared to the previous month. Hoang Ha Mobile system announced that the gray and silver MacBook Air M1 is out of stock, while the gold version has a small quantity. The product is offered for sale for VND 28 million at The Gioi Di Dong (TGDD) and FPT Shop.

According to Ms. Hoang Tam, media representative of Hoang Ha Mobile system, Redmi Note 4G will stop selling after about 2 months of launch due to lack of chips. It is expected that the 5G version of the product will return to Vietnam by the end of this month.

“Oppo Reno5 is also quite scarce from the supplier. Therefore, the system can only import small quantities and maintain sales to switch to Reno6 next month”, Ms. Tam added.

Representatives of CellphoneS and Hoang Ha Mobile systems both said that Samsung is self-sufficient in Exynos chips, so the high-end lines are not affected. However, Galaxy A52 and A72 are also in short supply due to the use of Snapdragon S720G chip.

Mr. Nguyen The Kha – Head of Mobile Telecommunications Sector FPT Shop said that Galaxy A52, A72 had a shortage of goods at the time of launch. However, now the supply has gradually become more stable.

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