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Smartphone worth buying under 5 million

Although the Galaxy M series does not have as many options as the Galaxy A, every product launched immediately receives a mark of sales as well as sympathy of the user. All thanks to the attractive price as well as quick online sales policy, many special offers. With Galaxy M, Samsung offers “emotion, affection” as well as the utmost care for new users and those who have been with the company for many years.

Recently, the Galaxy M30 has been introduced and is about to be sold with attractive promotions, only 4.99 million VND, significantly reduced compared to the listed price. With less than 5 million VND, Vietnamese users will own a smartphone with good performance, the largest screen in the segment, Super AMOLED panel, 5000mAh battery, 16MP selfie camera and a trio of rear cameras including angles. super wide. That is enough for the Galaxy M30 to become more attractive and overcome its competitors in the same segment.

Detailed configuration

Design and screen

Samsung often doesn’t have the habit of making comprehensive changes to smartphones of the same line, so the Galaxy M30 is exactly the larger version than the Galaxy M20 with a monolithic design with a plastic mainstream. This helps the company reduce production costs, devote budgets to build a better user experience for cameras and screens. Galaxy M30 using plastic is not something “bad” because simply the quality of the device is too good, firm and lighter weight, suitable for the majority of users. For many people, the Galaxy M30 is not too fancy, but Samsung knows how to make this product more attractive

The whole design of the device is made of plastic but certainly, no creaking feel

The company uses a back design with two different colors including the two options Gradation Blue and Gradation Black. Both colors have really strange tones, from dark blue to lighter, from black to smoke. This color change helps the Galaxy M30 to cleverly hide fingerprints on its back.

At the back, in addition to the appearance of the 3-camera cluster, there is a one-touch fingerprint sensor. The position of this sensor seems to be quite high and not really convenient for many people with small hands. Samsung also added a color ring to stabilize the main camera cluster, above will be a depth-of-field sensor, the bottom is the ultra-wide angle camera.

On the front, the screen with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel, in the center is a selfie camera with a familiar U-shaped notch. Samsung calls this the Infinity-U screen and has made a huge splash across the market. Above the camera is the speakerphone slot and of course, to optimize the edge, Samsung does not equip the familiar LED lights, and the sensors are inserted inside the screen like the Galaxy S10. The bottom of the screen is thicker due to the limitation of the 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port but compared to being in the price segment below 5 million, the Galaxy M30 is beautiful and balanced.

The screen of the Galaxy M30 has very good display quality and is the only smartphone with Super AMOLED screen in the Galaxy M series. Full HD + 2340×1080 pixels resolution at 19.5: 9 aspect ratio for 403ppi pixel density . It reaches 437nits of brightness at its highest in manual settings and automatically reaches 641nits, which makes it possible for users to enjoy the experience even in the sun. In addition, the Super AMOLED screen provides brilliant, deep black display that is perfect for entertainment both popular games and movies. Only with the screen, Galaxy M30 has surpassed most competitors.

Speakerphone of Galaxy M30 is not appreciated, only at a good level, the volume emitted is sufficient, clear, not too timid. Tested with 100% volume, the Galaxy M30 still produces very clear sound, of course, the limitation of the speaker is below the edge. Hands when playing games with horizontal screen will easily lean against the speaker, affecting the user experience. Of course, this is the point that every single speaker smartphone has.


Galaxy M30 uses Exynos 7904 “homegrown” processor, equivalent to the Galaxy M20 that has been sold in Vietnam market. Basically, this is the rebuild chip of Exynos 7885 with some upgrades. The Exynos 7904 has 8 cores including 2xCortex-A73 at 1.8GHz and 6 Cortex-A53 cores at 1.6GHz, Mali-G71 MP2 GPU. Galaxy M30 comes in two storage versions including 4GB / 64GB and 6GB / 128GB. In Vietnam, the version sold on August 13 will be 4GB / 64GB of internal memory, which is sufficient for users to experience.

Tested with GeekBench, Galaxy M30 set the score of 1321 points for single-core performance, 4213 points for multi-core performance. This figure is lower than competitors close to the price of the Galaxy M30 with common processors such as Snapdragon 660 or Kirin 710. The Antutu Benchmark score of the device reaches 110413 points with a GPU score of 23463 on average.

Experiment with titles and measurements through GameBench Pro (Readers can refer to the results as well as monitor and install GameBench Pro application at and applications Galaxy M30 for good gaming levels with custom settings from Medium to High. I tested 4 popular titles including Asphalt 9 at the highest setting, PUBG Mobile at HD, high frame rate, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG and Lien Lien Mobile also set at the highest level. As a result, the Galaxy M30 also provides stability at approximately 30fps, which is sufficient for the user experience in the mid-range segment.

Galaxy M30 has a stable processing power, though not too strong compared to the same segment, which is understandable when Samsung wants to bring a balance of experience between different criteria. However, the Galaxy M30 is not a suitable product if you are looking for a smartphone with strong performance and purchasing criteria just for gaming. It’s a pity that Samsung can completely defeat rivals thanks to the stronger configuration. However, perhaps the Korean giant’s product strategy has never emphasized the configuration in the mid-range segment and in return, the following factor is what Samsung aims at.

Battery life

The battery life of Samsung smartphones has dramatically changed since 2018 in all segments. In addition to the processor optimized for power, Samsung also released a series of phones with batteries greater or equal to the 4,000mAh threshold. The Galaxy M30 along with the M20 are typical names with a 5000mAh capacity that comes with fast charging. This is a tribute to Samsung users.

Adequate processor, Super AMOLED screen with display of each pixel helps Galaxy M30 get the energy efficiency as expected, even better than the Galaxy M20 that is leading the Samsung smartphone line. In our testing, the Galaxy M30 lasted for up to 15 hours of web browsing through a WiFi connection at 70% brightness, watching videos via Youtube on the same condition of nearly 26 hours. Besides, Galaxy M30 can play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG continuously for 10 hours, Lien Quan Mobile is 6.7 hours, PUBG Mobile is 7 hours.

With normal activities with browsing the web, playing games, watching videos, using the dual SIM connection constantly, staying with the Galaxy M30 is very normal. Besides, users only need 2h20 minutes to fully charge 5000mAh battery on Galaxy M30 and 25% battery for 30 minutes charging time. This number is not too impressive but is good compared to the 5000mAh smartphone on the market today.


Galaxy M30 is among the few smartphones priced below 5 million with 3 cameras. Compared to the Galaxy M20, Samsung adds a 5MP depth sensor and the selfie camera is doubled from 8 to 16MP.

Main camera with 13MP resolution, f / 1.9 aperture, 27mm focal range, phase-detection autofocus. In addition, there is an ultra-wide angle camera 123 degrees, a modest resolution of 5MP, 13mm focal length. To cater to the camera, Samsung offers a fairly complete application, although some specific features have been cut such as selfie sticker on Galaxy M10, night shooting or specialized mode for adjusting the parameter to the right. .

Professional shooting mode allows users to select ISO within the range of 100-800, eV compensation from -2 / + 2 with 0.1 beat changes, white balance and no manual focus selection and shutter speed . In return, the Galaxy M30 has the ability to select the metering matrix to get the desired photos.

The Galaxy M30 takes a relatively good shot, which is neither excellent nor bad. Bright enough high-detail photos, vibrant colors, driven by AI. The ability to handle HDR is very good and works automatically, users should not turn off HDR because this is really an extremely necessary feature in all conditions. The wide-angle camera also produces good photos, but the low resolution is the limitation of this camera, which produces a slightly warmer, slightly more saturated color than the main camera.

One missing that perhaps Samsung has not updated the Galaxy M30 camera is the alignment of the photo due to the wide angle. The photo is quite distorted and unfortunately there are no editing settings for the phone. However, the curved images really create interesting points for users.

With 5 million, you can not wait on the night shooting capabilities of the Galaxy M30. Although with an aperture of f / 1.9, the ability to handle low-light images of the Galaxy M30 is not good, noise appears much though details are still good. Wide-angle cameras are similar because the aperture is smaller. The Galaxy M30 also has the ability to take live focus photos with the depth camera, which provides relatively good background removal. In addition, the camera delete fonts on Galaxy M30 does not need face recognition to operate, so it is completely possible to choose any subject.

Wide-angle camera for beautiful effects

Camera in low light is not good

Some quick selfies with Galaxy M30

Instead of the conclusion

Only with the Super AMOLED screen, Samsung has brought a perfect version of the Galaxy M20 to the Galaxy M30. In the price range of less than 5 million, Galaxy M30 has the best screen, comes with an impressive battery life, relatively good camera. However, the weakness of the Galaxy M30 lies in the low configuration, not suitable for heavy gaming and a plastic design. Samsung can carry a better processor, but it prefers to balance every element on a product, Galaxy M30 is no exception.

Overall, the Galaxy M30 represents the Galaxy M series, is suitable for the majority of users and is a good product to choose in the future. Currently, Galaxy M30 is sold exclusively on Lazada and on August 13, 2019, the price of this product is 4.99 million. Readers can refer to or click on the image below to get detailed information.

Thanks to the wide-angle camera, the “cheap” Galaxy M10 phone can completely produce more impressive shots than you think

( When Samsung brought exciting features on its camera to the Galaxy M10, we again had an impressive photography option with a machine in the price range of only 3 million.


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