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Smartphone model of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong discounted after Tet: Don’t buy anything

  • & Atilde; c & oacute; 565 people died and igrave; acute pulmonary fluid due to Corona virus strain
  • Providing photos & videos of Tuan Monkey who are being hunted & atilde; to & agrave; n country
  • Smartphone model of & Pham Pham Vuong reduces the & aacute; after Tet: Wild g & igrave; m & agrave; No purchase

D & ugrave; just launched a new investment in the 1/2020 model, the Vsmart Active 3 model is being implemented by a promotion program to promote customers’ activities.

Specifically, after Tet Nguyet & aacute; n, Vsmart Active 3 is being launched with gi & aacute; VND 4,190,000 for a 4GB version, reduced VND 300,000 compared to the price of VND 4GB. Original (VND 4,490,000). & nbsp;

Before the launch, Vsmart Active 3 was launched by a number of systems starting with 2 weeks after launch. extreme shock of only 3.59 million dong, reduced by & nbsp; 1 million compared to the previous year.

Similar to the previous product, Vsmart Active 3 is also guaranteed by 18 years and a one-time change to 101 days.

Vsmart Active 3 is introduced l & agrave; smartphone c & oacute; The biggest m & agrave; n & igrave; from launch from VinSmart.

The new generation AMOLED bezel of 6.39-inch Full HD + AMOLED bezel promises to provide a better experience for users when playing games, watching movies or surfing the web. People who & ugrave; ng will & oacute; 4 y colors choose back face, including: emerald, sapphire blue, black quartz v ag t & iacute; m.

M & aacute; y equipped with camera assembly on the back including a sensor for 48 MP, g & oacute sensor and wide sensor Sensor (s) (x & oacute). Especially the 16 MP selfie camera is a & ldquo; th & ograve; indent & rdquo; v & agrave; located ho & agrave; n under & agrave; n.

In addition, this new generation smartphone also possesses a new algorithm to bring higher image quality with more filters. when recording a video.

In particular, Vsmart Active 3 runs on the VOS 2.5 operating system, providing a smoother and improved experience with the newly created Vmessage application, which allows users to send messages to users. messages, phone calls & free charging with V & aac Vsmart devices together, similar to Apple’s iMessage.

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Smartphones reduce & aacute; s & acirc; u never c & oacute; After Tet holiday: Discount up to 50%

( After the Lunar New Year festival, 2020, a series of smartphone phones race to reduce prices.

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