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Smartphone creation race 2020, successful people and losers miserable

Galaxy Z Fold 2 can be said to be a successful commercialized folding device, many users are not afraid to spend money to own and use it as a convenient device.

Completely different from today’s smartphone design trends, Motorola Razr appears with a look that is both classic and modern. This smartphone has a folding design like the mobile devices of the past. Motorola Razr also deserves to be on the list of innovative smartphones of the year, the clamshell design opens up the trend of vertical folding, such as the Galaxy Z Flip.

However, Motorola Razr has a low profile, small battery, low screen resolution and low durability, which is why it is so underrated by technology experts. The announced price of $ 1500 is not worthy of the configuration at launch is one of the things that makes this machine “dull”.

Microsoft Surface Duo

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It is also a smart mobile device designed in a folded form, but the Surface Duo is difficult to open up like a book. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2, when folded, you will not be able to use it because it is a device containing two screens, they are linked together through a hinge placed between. Personally, the design of the Surface Duo is not beautiful, the use, the mattress is not very complete. The machine is not equipped with the best hardware and camera technology, but in return it brings the application ecosystem of Microsoft, which the company has done very well over the past time. It can be said that the Surface Duo is just a device made by Microsoft to show off rather than a practical device to commercialize.

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Although the device is not really perfect, Vsmart Aris Pro tried to use the camera technology hidden under the screen. Thanks to this solution, the aesthetic aspect of the device is enhanced by the 6 “4 screen with Full HD + quality displayed fully.

The device has a pretty good configuration: 8-core Snapdragon 730 chip, 8GB of RAM, not too powerful but still satisfying the smooth experience. In general, users will have to trade a lot of things such as long image processing time, but instead offers a novel flawless screen experience at an easily accessible price.

Vsmart has strengthened the form of shaking hands to realize devices with hidden cameras in the screen, above all, opening up the trend of innovative cheap smartphones for users to access.

Sony Xperia 1 Mark II

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Sony is the first company to release a device with an aspect ratio that is said to be “strange” 21: 9. Along with a neat square design, which is a unique feature of Sony. Bring a new user experience to users.

Another strong point of Sony is that the top camera cluster, Sony has created a phone that offers a good shooting experience, but above all, it is introduced by the company like professional cameras. Application “Photo Pro” that the company built for those who really knowledgeable and knowledgeable about photography.

Not following the popular trend, the Xperia 1 Mark II stands out in a very unique way. However, up to this point among the series of new smartphones released every month, it seems that not many people are impressed or remember the Xperia 1 Mark II anymore.

LG Velvet

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With a different design from the smartphone market with the same square / rectangular camera cluster today, LG Velvet still exudes elegance and elegance in its own way. The lenses of the device are placed according to the inspiration “Raindrop” – the drop of water, in which the main camera will have the largest size and be placed on the back. For me, this is a smartphone with elegant design and In the midst of a forest of mid-range smartphones LG Velvet is like a jewel emerging by its high-end design, in contrast, reconfiguration is not the strong point of this device.

Unfortunately, despite being beautiful, LG Velvet is still unable to save any of LG’s situation in the mobile segment.

As for you, which are creative and impressive mobile devices to share?

. (Lê Huyền Vân)

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