Smartphone also captures sparkling fireworks, 9 "tips" to remember

Smartphone also captures sparkling fireworks, 9 "tips" to remember

Photo: Pixabay

1. Choose time and place

If possible, come early and take the initiative to choose the appropriate fireworks viewing spot. By contrast, your fireworks photos risk becoming an unwelcome portrait with your back or other hands appearing in the photo.

If you are a bit more professional, you can choose the "difficult" locations where few people choose to watch fireworks such as the riverside, high-rise buildings … nearby to unleash shooting, shooting and shooting without being accidentally disturbing the space full of my artistic creative spirit …

2. Search for a title, tripod or … train your hands

In addition to coming early, should also seek a solid fulcrum like stems, walls … Simpler, buy tripod legs. Or the most challenging is solid hand muscle training to hold the camera without vibrating.

Because shooting beautiful fireworks must use a slow shutter speed, but slow shooting, the image is susceptible to blur if the hand is vibrated. If you want to take a slow exposure for more than 4 seconds, it is advisable to use a tripod to avoid just having to stretch a photo and get your hands tired.

3. Horizontal or vertical shooting

Holding the camera in a vertical or horizontal position will dictate from the beginning the story that the picture can tell viewers. In fact, each horizontal and vertical frame has its own advantages. Vertical shots will capture the moment when fireworks burst from the ground and bloom in the sky. Meanwhile the horizontal angle will be suitable for recording more fireworks at the same time.

4. Adjust the parameters manually

If you are afraid to adjust the parameters manually, you can take advantage of the fireworks (fireworks) mode or the auto scene recognition mode where the smartphone automatically optimizes the parameters for shooting fireworks.

But in order to be creative, professional mode (Pro / Manual) is still recommended with photographers who understand photography. That is, you can adjust the shutter speed slowly enough with the long exposure time so that you can catch the spectacular light trails flying in the night sky.

If you do not use a tripod or lack of strong fulcrum, then you can adjust the exposure time to 4 seconds back to limit blur. Because if the exposure time is longer than 4 seconds, the stability of the frame becomes sensitive to each breath or merely gestures the screen to capture.

In addition, it is possible to combine slow, tripod mode and self-timer or remote shutter or … S-Pen connected via Bluetooth. When shooting fireworks in the middle of the night sky, the ideal option is to adjust the ISO, the sensitivity of the sensor to the light, at the lowest possible level, to remove the noise from the image.

You can also use manual focus mode to minimize the auto focus continuously, which causes the recording to be out of focus or keep on focusing but miss the best moments in the fireworks night. .

5. Turn off the flash and HDR

Note that the flash should be turned off, because it is not enough to illuminate the night sky so do not let its light affect the image but "rely" on the streaks of light that fireworks paint in the sky .

HDR mode should also be disabled because the fireworks are already bright enough, but this shooting mode can extend the processing time for images to make them miss expensive moments.

6. Take advantage of wide-angle cameras

If you wonder if the camera shooting angle on a smartphone is not large enough to cover the space of the fireworks night, you can try Panorama mode (panorama) to make things more immense. And if your phone has an extra camera that supports wide angle shooting, try once to use it to record the fireworks sky ahead.

Maybe the quality of the image from the super wide-angle camera will not be as shimmering as the main camera, but the most important is the spirit that the photo brings to the wide, brilliant scenery overwhelmed with fireworks that glows as characters main.

8. Use continuous shooting mode

In the fireworks festival for about ten minutes, you may miss the most sparkling moments if you're busy shooting and pausing to review.

Take a break from reviewing the image and pressing it continuously to capture more of the sparkling moments.

Besides taking advantage of continuous shooting (Burst mode) that the phone supports, this is the shooting mode recommended for shooting subjects that move as fast as fireworks. The fast and continuous administration will help smartphones limit the missed beautiful frames.

9. Patience to the last minute

Persist in "acting" in the last minute if your lofty goal is to hunt for a beautiful firework picture for the New Year. Because in the last minute, fireworks were often blown away, the sky was the most bright. So focus on watching and remember not to let your phone run out of battery at this important moment.


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