Smart PC Locker Pro - Fast and simple computer lock

Smart PC Locker Pro – Fast and simple computer lock

In this article, ElectrodealPro will introduce to you a safe and secure computer screen lock application which is Smart PC Locker Pro. It is a computer screen locker application to avoid unwanted intrusion and protect important data in your computer.

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Normally when you are working on the computer, you are busy with something and will be back in a few minutes, to avoid data loss and do not want outsiders to affect the work progress you will press keystrokes. Windows + L to lock the screen, but this is not really secure because data can be changed, stolen by many different methods. Please use Smart PC Locker Pro to lock the computer screen, protect data best.

Instructions How to lock a computer using Smart PC Locker Pro

Step 1: Download Smart PC Locker Pro latest version to install on computer. Download: Smart PC Locker Pro

– Unzip and run the software, at the Locker option, enter the password then click Save to save

Successfully saved, press OK to close the dialog box

Step 2: Set the options, from the program main interface you click Setting. Here, you set options like:

– Auto-lock system after: Automatically lock the screen after a specified time.
Power off minitor once locked after: Set a certain amount of time the screen will lock …
To change the background image, look at the last item checked User custom Wallpaper … then select wallpaper.

Step 3: After the setup is complete press Locker to lock the computer screen
Above, we have just instructed you to lock your computer with Smart PC Locker Pro software, so you can easily lock the computer screen when not sitting on the computer to protect data. operating on the machine by another user. Also you can refer to how to Lock Windows 7 according to Windows 8 interface, Use Nircmd to lock and turn off the screen, …


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