Smart City: What is smart urban?

Smart City: What is smart urban?

Smart city or Smart City is a concept that has been mentioned a lot in recent years especially after the explosion of the fourth industrial networks took place.

So far, we still do not have a unified definition of Smart City or smart urban, smart city. However, this is basically a model of applying information technology and artificial intelligence to manage and improve the standard of living, using energy resources and natural resources effectively.

In simpler terms, Smart City is a model of a city that applies the most modern technologies to improve the quality of life, serve the government and improve conditions in all aspects.

For example, a smart urban structure is like a human body, then the artificial intelligence of this city will be our brain. Sensor systems act as senses and the main nervous system is the IoT internet network.

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Some smart city applications can be referred to as sensors for earthquake and flash flood disasters. These sensors can also measure air pollution levels and promptly issue warnings. Or more simply, the traffic network will be smartly channeled to avoid traffic congestion.

In addition to traffic flow, the system can also link with city drivers to provide suggestions on the nearest and most convenient parking lots.

All of these are currently available for third-party applications or techniques. However, if all of the above is handled and made unanimously, the efficiency will increase significantly for users.

In the circulatory cycle of smart urban areas, a tightly linked network will bring information quickly and promptly, especially in dangerous situations such as natural disasters.

One of the applications we often see in fiction films is the video system around the city that can identify the faces of the objects that the police are aiming for.

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When a system is considered smart, a lot of software and hardware technologies will apply. And it is very difficult to have a complete system perfectly so there will still be security loopholes. Especially with a large amount of data processing constantly, Smart City faces a lot of information security challenges.

For example, face recognition system may violate the privacy of residents in the city. Or unfortunately this system is hacked, the consequences are definitely not expected.

Many more controversial comments suggest that Smart City is just a vague concept of well-known technology firms to attract leaders and investors to enter and use their technologies. In the near future, 5G network will gradually disseminate and offer effective IoT solutions, Smart City will gradually be formed on this city

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