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Small but skilled martial arts!

Samsung’s business strategy for the 10th year of developing Galaxy smartphones is special. Not only are the two Galaxy S10 variants, Samsung has also added a more compact device, bringing in the best technologies to cater to the increasingly diverse needs of users. Not everyone has a big enough hand to hold the Galaxy S10 + or not everyone has enough money to own the Galaxy S10, to meet both of these questions, Samsung has launched the Galaxy S10e – a super compact product among the guys. giant of the premium segment. After 10 days of experience, I need to confirm that the Galaxy S10e is the most premium smartphone available today and you will experience the difference in the palm of your hand.

Small, compact but sophisticated and luxurious design

Many products are considered high-end smartphones, cheap or super-compact products, but the companies have reduced it in an “outrageous” way to ensure profit as well as a part of advertising tactics. However, with Samsung, Galaxy S10e is a clear testament to customer care and understanding after 10 years of smartphone development. More than anyone else, Samsung understands that its high-end smartphones are becoming increasingly oversized with the palm of the majority of users around the globe partly because of the trend, partly to enhance the experience. No matter how high-tech, infinity screen, Infinity-O screen, Infinity-V or water droplets, the race for diagonal size has not stopped. Therefore, in addition to constantly upgrading the main products, Samsung needs to bring in a smaller, cheaper device, but still have the high-end experience and the initial result is the Galaxy S10e.

Galaxy S10e is the smartphone with the smallest screen size of the Galaxy S10 trio with 5.8 inches, the flat front is completely reminiscent of the previous Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7. The edges are maximized to give the device the smallest possible size. At the same time, the seamlessness between the back, the edge and the front is specially focused by Samsung to create a glossy, synchronous, sophisticated and luxurious product with a silky silver color. Unfortunately, in Vietnam, Galaxy S10e is only announced in black and lacks youthful and modern colors.

The aluminum frame of the Galaxy S10e is mirrored in terms of area, between two toughened glass panels. The glass display is flat, while the back is gently curved to provide a comfortable grip. At the bottom, Samsung did not sacrifice the 3.5mm headphone jack, but instead optimized the thinness for the machine based on the presence of this connection, providing a flexible headset experience for users. Galaxy S10e is not “cheap” as the name suggests, this is Samsung’s flagship device, only it is smaller.

Extremely compact entertainment pocket space with Infinity-O screen

The 5.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S10e is not as sharp as its predecessors, but with its small size, at normal distances, the user experience remains the same. This screen only cuts the resolution, other aspects such as wide viewing angle, high-end panels remain.

With a maximum brightness of 603 nits, the Galaxy S10e easily surpasses all high-end smartphones similar to Google Pixels 3, on par with the Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS. This makes the tiny smartphone perfect for outdoors, where there is strong light shining on.

Galaxy S10e has two color settings including natural and dynamic, two for different color spaces depending on the needs of the user. In dynamic mode, the Galaxy S10e expands to the basic sRGB color space and is close to the DCI-P3 standard that is declining in cinemas.

The Galaxy S10e screen can reach 148% of the sRGB color range, which is more than the 123% of the iPhone XS and regardless of the mode, this screen is also provided with HDR10 + standard for contrast and visibility. great. Deep black, good contrast, vibrant colors help Galaxy S10e overcome rivals of the same price range.

“Little” but huge performance

There was once a manufacturer that created compact smartphones with the most powerful configuration at the time of launch and with ensuring the user experience, Samsung did the same. Galaxy S10e in Vietnam has an Exynos 9820 chip built on the 8nm process, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory with a Full HD + resolution screen. This is the strongest configuration of Samsung in Asia and the gaming experience or heavy tasks on Galaxy S10e is really great.

Galaxy S10e is ready to play the most popular games like Asphalt 9, Fornite, PUBG Mobile at the highest frame rate available on the device. With Full HD + screen, even when playing PUBG Mobile does not occur the phenomenon of dropped frames feels uncomfortable like the two brothers Galaxy S10 and S10 +. As for the MOBA games that are very popular in Vietnam like Lien Quan Mobile, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang cannot make it difficult for Samsung products.

A highlight that few common users noticed, Samsung which already has the Dex feature on the Galaxy S series and Galaxy S10e is no exception. Just need an adapter with USB Type-C input, connect to the screen via HDMI or any other built-in port, Galaxy S10e will provide a standard, fast and user-friendly interface. Large memory capacity allows to store more files. Obviously, with the Galaxy S10e, users own a true pocket PC capable of getting work done in the blink of an eye.

Only dual camera but superior quality

Galaxy S10e with two cameras on the back – a 12MP main sensor with variable aperture of f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 and a 16MP ultra-wide angle sensor of 123 degrees, front camera is 10MP with f / 1.9 aperture. All these parameters are similar to the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, only missing the telephoto sensor with 2x optical zoom. However, Samsung makes perfect sense because the Galaxy S10e has a compact design, the addition of sensors will affect the overall machine, the space for the third sensor will be very limited, and at the same time, the telephoto sensor. 2x is not as important as it used to be, aside from allowing zooming closer to the subject. The simple fix is ​​to run closer to the subject instead of standing in the same position as the Galaxy S10 / S10 + to get a satisfactory image. Many people are concerned that the lack of a 2x telephoto sensor makes it impossible to measure impressive depth in portrait photography, but no, Samsung has upgraded and optimized the algorithm to capture the perfect background. .

In addition, Samsung has enhanced the Live Focus depth-of-field mode with eye-catching, unique effects, and the contextual optimization technology based on artificial intelligence also works effectively to produce excellent photos.

One of the AI ​​modes introduced on the Galaxy S10e is a bright night that allows you to improve photos taken in the dark and in certain cases, the light effect will appear under the lights, creating photos. extremely eye-catching that no other phone on the market can do. Here are some pictures taken by Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Small machine, small battery but durable

The compact design makes Samsung only place the 3100mAh battery inside the Galaxy S10e. By definition of a true compact flagship, the Galaxy S10e must have a long battery life, at least enough for a day. Fortunately, Samsung already makes good battery life on the Galaxy S10 +, and the Galaxy S10e is even better.

In practical tests, with common tasks such as continuous browsing, watching videos via WiFi, playing games for about 1 hour, by the end of the day, the battery of the device is also up to 20%. Meanwhile, continuous browsing through 4G networks, it also takes nearly 10 hours for the device to run out of battery, this figure is much better than Google Pixel 3 and on par with Galaxy S10.

Just like the two Galaxy S10 / S10 + brothers, the Galaxy S10e also features Wireless PowerShare wireless reverse charging for Qi-enabled devices. Open the back of the device is integrated a touch pad to help other devices can be charged. The way to use it is very fast, however, this feature should only be used when really needed because the power consumption of the given device is very large. In turn, this feature will help you “get le” with weaker battery devices such as the iPhone for example. In fact, the ability to charge wirelessly from the Galaxy S10e is quite good, charging 13% for the receiving device in more than 20 minutes, which is just enough to be able to maintain contact. Remember, if the device has less than 30% battery capacity, the PowerShare feature will not be enabled.

Instead of the conclusion

Galaxy S10e is the clearest demonstration of Samsung’s leading device manufacturing capabilities, summarized during 10 years of Galaxy smartphone development. The device possesses a compact, elegant, easy to handle, sophisticated and luxurious design that is not inferior to any other high-end products on the market. Besides, Galaxy S10e also makes a mark with a beautiful screen, good battery life, quality camera and brings the most advanced experience for users.

Currently, the Galaxy S10e is sold online on Samsung’s homepage. Readers can refer to and order at:

Samsung Galaxy S10 + – not just a “buffalo battery” smartphone

( Not only is a powerful smartphone, super beautiful screen, breakthrough in technology, quality camera, Galaxy S10 + is also a “backup charger” to help users be more flexible with the ability to share batteries. Unique cord with huge battery capacity.


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