"Small but I want to be strong" ... Kim Ho-jung joins 'Thanks to Challenge'
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“Small but I want to be strong” … Kim Ho-jung joins ‘Thanks to Challenge’

[TV리포트=김민주 기자] Singer Kim Ho-jung from TV Chosun ‘Mr. Tomorrow’ joined the ‘Challenge Thanks’ and cheered Corona 19 medical staff.

Kim Ho-jung posted a photo on his Instagram on the 22nd with the words, “Thank you very much to volunteers and quarantine officials who are working hard and working hard against Corona 19 at this moment.”

In the released photo, Kim Ho-jung in the pose of ‘Challenge’, which means ‘I respect you’ in sign language, was captured and attracted attention.

Hoho-jung Kim added, “Because of you, I am small but I want to be a participant so I want to participate.”

‘Thanks to Challenge’ is a relay cheering campaign that expresses respect and gratitude for medical staff striving to overcome Corona 19.

On the other hand, Kim Ho-jung appeared in ‘Mr. Tomorrow’ and finished in the top 4, attracting attention. The new song ‘I Love You More Than Me’ has been actively conducted.

Kim Min-joo’s reporter [email protected] / photo = 김호중

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