Small and medium game manufacturer’s diagnostic certificate

I am looking forward to seeing small and medium-sized enterprises get out of their solidified thinking and let the game return to content.

In the new year, how should we look forward to this year? Regarding the ups and downs of the industry, many people think that the trend of the game industry in 2020 is no different from the stock market. At the beginning of last year, the game industry affected by the epidemic ushered in a wave of traffic dividends, and the growth rate of the entire industry was very gratifying. However, in the second half of the year, because the sequelae of the epidemic in the first half of the year began to appear, the overdraft behavior of users made the game growth rate appear. Decline. During the epidemic control period in the first half of the year and after the second half of the epidemic, the most direct impact was the wave of layoffs and closures of many small and medium-sized game companies…

The problem does not lie in the epidemic, because for many small and medium-sized game companies, these problems are just hidden well. The epidemic only advanced the explosion time of some problems, so the mobile game matrix began to communicate with many teams in August last year to sort out such a “medical record.”

Product strength

The core of a game’s competition is always on the product itself, and there is no doubt that the methods and means such as purchase volume and endorsements only introduce players into the game. However, game products are different from many other products in that games are digital content, so similar situations are prone to appear in the performance of gameplay. Therefore, more often, the performance of product power is not limited to the period when people enter the game, but when the player enters the game, subsequent operations and content updates are the key to continuously embodying product capabilities. .

The “Symphonic Million King Arthur” daily service that failed to wait for his second birthday

In many small and medium-sized teams, the initial expressiveness of the product may have a good start, but when users continue to enter, the update rhythm of the later content will be unsustainable. But more often, when a new product was launched, the management found that its product did not reach the ideal state, and began to lose strength in subsequent operations and maintenance, which caused many products with opportunities to be pulled down forcibly. A level, ultimately makes its vitality shrink substantially. In fact, those who have carefully studied the App Store rankings should have discovered that the products of many major manufacturers did not perform very well when they first came out. It is only in the subsequent continuous operation iterations that the rankings slowly rise and become popular. Therefore, the product power of the game is the core of the competition, which determines the final effect of the game on subsequent purchases and revenue.


For small and medium-sized manufacturers, branding is basically an optional choice. More than 99% of SMEs do not value brand effects. After all, this aspect does not have a direct revenue performance for products, so everyone is unwilling to spend money on this aspect. So how big is the influence of the brand?

In products such as games, gameplay, subject matter and even art styles may appear similar. Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises with ideas, when their ideas appear in other products, it will be a complete defeat. On the one hand, no matter how hard it is to put all their energy into the products, on the other hand, they need to be Rights protection on the Internet. Even if they can win a game, but in the face of subsequent emergencies and even more perfect ideas, these small and medium-sized enterprises with ideas will be caught off guard and fall into a state of chaos. Part of the reason for this chaos is the lack of a moat. Simply put, the internals of small and medium-sized teams are easily breached. On the one hand, it is difficult to achieve multi-line operations. For example, it is difficult to form technology while researching and developing. Barriers, the technological advantage of large factories far exceeds that of small and medium-sized teams, so for small and medium-sized teams, forming their own brand value is nothing more than a way to build a moat.

Nowadays, many cases have proved that brand value has created exciting economic breakthroughs one after another, and the power behind this is a major foundation for promoting corporate stability.

Version Number

We often think that “the limitation of the version number has caused many manufacturers to have no rice in the pot”, but is this really the case? In fact, in many small and medium-sized manufacturers, as long as they are well-operated in the front, they will more or less hold several version numbers in their hands, so whether it is really “no rice to cook”, this matter is only clear to you.

But I have to say that the version number really hurts many start-up companies, but on the other hand, the reduction in the number of version numbers also makes some companies really focus on the development of products, and the product quality of the entire market. It has also been improved.

Vest bag crackdown

In February 2020, domestic APP developers discovered that Apple had modified the latest terms in the itc back-end review page of the App Store, stating that the game needs to obtain an approval number issued by the State Administration of Press and Publication of China, “Please be in June 2020 Provide us with the approval number of any paid games you plan to release in mainland China or games that can provide in-app purchases before the 30th.” There are a few big words written behind this new rule: The vest period is approaching.

When did the vest bag appear, no one may be able to tell. However, this kind of gameplay that does not conform to the rules has supported a lot of buying-volume product-based companies. There are many such companies in the South, or in other words, many companies in the game industry have secretly done such operations, because this is a simpler and more direct conversion method that does not require too much pursuit of product quality. You only need to apply a formula to get the revenue scale of this type of product.

After the vest bag began to be cracked down, this directly cut the way for some manufacturers, and the number of products was not high, and there was no hope for natural revenue. So this has also become the reason for the dissolution of some teams.

Purchase cost

In order to compete for the stock market, in some blue ocean categories, buying volume has become a link that all manufacturers have to face. Taking legendary games as an example, spokesperson + purchase volume + advertising has become a basic set of play. As long as this category is involved, then manufacturers have to use purchase volume to compete for users in this market. In this way, the more the number of products, the more expensive the purchase cost.

In this case, small and medium-sized manufacturers will face high purchase costs, because in some cases, large-scale purchases can increase costs, and high-cost purchases are nothing more than squeezing the market space for purchases, making small and medium-sized manufacturers It is difficult to continue. After the small and medium-sized manufacturers withdraw from the market, the large ones can naturally recover their costs. Therefore, the purchase volume is really an indescribable pain for the small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Fortunately, the game market is now accelerating its approach to high-quality content, and the means of buying volume are slowly shifting from necessary means to auxiliary means. Although this process will be longer and more difficult, it is always the case for the content industry. Good news.

Giant squeeze

If game makers were severely squeezed by Tencent NetEase and other big players in the past few years, in the past two years, the situation has improved a lot. There are two main reasons for these two situations. On the one hand, the quality of game manufacturers that can produce products has begun to increase significantly in recent years, and on the other hand, experienced manufacturers have begun to move the track to larger factories. game.

In 2020, Celadon Digital’s “The Strongest Snail” can be regarded as one of the representatives. At a conference, Celadon Digital COO Zeng Xiangshuo once said, “Celadon should be a sub-category product with a unique style, and we will intensively work on categories that are not made by major manufacturers.” For example, popular categories such as MMO, ARPG, and SLG. Although there is a lot of room for sinking, the competition is fierce, especially large companies such as Tencent and NetEase, who have already figured out their own way in these mature categories, and it is difficult for small companies to shake their position. .


We can’t just see the wave of closures and layoffs of small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, many small and medium-sized manufacturers have made their own voices. Small and sophisticated products such as “The Strongest Snail” and “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River” have shown us a new generation of enterprises. With the growth of “Original God” and “The Awakening of Nations” and other boutique content announced that they are not available on the channel, we have seen the rise of a new marketing method. Although some small and medium-sized enterprises have problems with chronic diseases, the new generation of representatives have begun to speak out and give the market a new direction. I am looking forward to seeing small and medium-sized enterprises get out of their solidified thinking and let the game return to content.

Source: Mobile Game Matrix


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