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Recently, a 16-year-old product, Evony: The King’s Return, has been featured on Google Play. We can see from the change of its icon that this well-known medieval game has changed from a battle between kings and blood to a puzzle pass. .

All PVE levels in the game are changed to puzzle gameplay.

Evony: The King’s Return has smashed money since July and achieved a very good record. In August, it was promoted in almost all markets, and its efforts in And-US are still being strengthened.

*Most of the download lists in mainstream countries rank first

Evony: The King’s Return’s popular puzzle-solving game ads fueled its tough market play, but it should be noted that if you blindly follow the trend and do puzzle-solving materials that do not match the game’s own gameplay, it will greatly affect the quality of players and the reputation of the game.

SLG games that have been featured on Google play features in August include Age of Apes. This is the latest masterpiece of tap4fun, a war game that ends in the human era, rises in the ape era, and fights against the clans to become space apes.

Thanks to tap4fun’s veteran SLG market experience and the double buff bonus of Google Play’s global features, Age of Apes has achieved good results in the download lists of all SLG countries, but the rankings in the income list are far from the download lists. With an average income of several thousand dollars, whether Ageof Apes can rewrite the SLG list, we cannot make a jump to judge and look forward to its follow-up performance.

We collected the rankings of 56 SLG games on Google Play’s major markets. In order to more intuitively reflect the situation of a game,We still use the power value to express the competitiveness of the game. The larger the power value, the stronger the competitiveness of the game. The power value is converted from the ranking of the list and represents the acceptance of the product by users in this market.

First look at the overall performance of these SLG games on GP. The total power of SLG in August was 48419.30, and in July it was 43757.09. The overall market growth was. Eurasia, North America and Australia are the hot battlefields for SLG.

According to the ranking of influence value, the 30 markets with the highest acceptance of SLG can be found:

The 16-year product means that it has entered 4 years and will be in a downward cycle. This part of the product will gradually give up its share to new products in the future, which will create some substitution opportunities. The total value of the old products in August was 9906.89 and the total value in July was 7611.52. The vitality of the old products drove the growth of the total market. The United States, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa are all strong bases for old SLG products.

See the table below for TOP15 area occupied by old products:

A power value of more than 100 points means that this product has the dominant power in this area. If it is unfortunately a direct competition product of the same subject and type, it is best not to enter this market.

*Benchmark: 20 is the TOP10 strategy list

In the US market in August, Evony: The King’s Return and KOA, two old medieval-themed games that were launched in 16 years, stood out.

Judging from the download rankings, Evony: The King’s Return, with its good marketing strategy, has seen a three-fold increase in weekly downloads compared to July. From the perspective of the revenue list, KOA has made substantial gains through excellent operational activities. Look at KOA slightly better.

In Canada, KOA and Evony: The King’s Return and SOS stand together.

Evony: The King’s Return’s gameplay adjustment and promotion strategy have been effective in Australia.

ROK controls a large number of market shares. Gunship Battle Total Warfare, which is a naval battle theme, can also take a share in the Korean market. AOZ is firmly in second place.

In early August, SOS (Total Zombie Control-Zombie Speed ​​Train 2 Joint Mobile Game) was launched in Taiwan and directly reached the top of the double list. SOS hit the Asian market and chose Taiwan as the first battlefield, but it has not yet discovered its entry into Japan and South Korea.

In August, the Japanese market did not change much. MafiaCity is still a favorite of Japanese players. Evony: The King’s Return ranks third ahead of the two zombie themes of AOZ and LSS. It seems that the puzzle gameplay also caters to the taste of Japanese players.

KOA had a record of reaching the top in the German market in May, and its market share was squeezed by the expansion of SOS in June and July, and it regained its footing in August.

In the UK market, Evony: The King’s Return is stalemate with KOA, and SOS’s dominance is beyond doubt.

The gradual expansion of SOS share has driven the growth of the French SLG market.

Judging from the time series chart, Evony: The King’s Return has emerged in the Russian market from June to July. It seems that there is no plan to continue to cultivate Russia for the time being.

ME’s power value selected the most important markets of Turkey, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, so the total score is higher than other markets.

Almost all the games on the TOP list have increased their power value, and the Middle East market has become more and more popular.

to sum up

According to the development route of Evony: The King’s Return, we see that old products can be rejuvenated if they can adapt to market gameplay adjustments and differentiate them, and adopt supporting promotion strategies.

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