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Stay awake during the day after a sleepless night, stay up all night to study, work or even enjoy a party. There are several reasons to want take or reduce sleep and certain foods can help achieve that goal. For that, they need to be high in caffeine. Check below what these foods and drinks are.

  • Caffeine action

  • Drinks that make you sleepy

  • Sleepy foods

  • Caffeine Risks

Caffeine action

THE caffeine is an alkaloid substance that acts fundamentally by inhibiting the action of adenosine receptors. Adenosine in turn is a neurotransmitter that controls body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. By blocking these actions, caffeine causes its reverse effect, causing neural stimulation and keeping the person on alert and, consequently, without sleep or signs of physical and mental tiredness.

Drinks that make you sleepy

As the name says, caffeine is present in high concentration in the coffee. Beyond, black tea, cola and guarana soft drinks and yerba-based beverages also have a good dose of caffeine and are a night’s sleep. Finally, energetic industrialized countries have high concentrations of caffeine. In some cases, even greater than in coffee.

Sleepy foods

Despite having lower concentrations of caffeine, some foods are also able to help promote sleep loss. Are they chocolate, pepper and ginger.

Caffeine Risks

Caffeine is quite effective in decreasing the urge to sleep. However, the use of these products, especially drinks, is often dangerous and should not be done, as caffeine increases heart rate and causes stress and anxiety. On the other hand, people with insomnia should avoid these foods, especially at night, so as not to suffer from their effects.

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