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Skin Care For Men: Why Your Routine Should Go Beyond Soap & Water

It’s a pretty widespread and accepted idea that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. Why? When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and looking great, brushing and flossing are essential. If we apply the same logic to skin, it’s amazing that so few men commit to the same level of care.

Sure, this #FaceAppChallenge makes it fun to see yourself looking 30 years older, but to avoid these wrinkles and fine lines IRL, you need to start taking care of your skin stat. Caring for your skin on a daily basis offers comparable benefits to those achieved by brushing your teeth. Not does proper skin care rid your skin of dirt and old skin cells that build up over the course of a day, it also fights the signs of aging and keeps your skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible.

To achieve peak skin, you’ll need to add a range of skin care products to your daily hygiene routine. Below we’ve put together five well-reviewed and effective products to start your new skin care journey.

1. Brickell Men’s Products Face Moisturizer

You should definitely be using a moisturizer for your skin and face. Moisturizers hydrate, nourish and protect your skin without clogging pores. The Brickell Men’s Products Face Moisturizer is a great choice for men as it’s fast absorbing and stuffed full of natural ingredients, including aloe, jojoba oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients work to protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals. They also renew your skin’s appearance. To apply this moisturizer, simply massage a dime-size dollop onto your face in the morning or before bed. For maximum effect, you should always apply moisturizer after washing your face.

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2. Oars + Alps Face Moisturizer & Eye Cream

Another popular moisturizer choice is the Oars + Alps Daily Natural Face Cream. This twice daily cream should be applied in the morning and at night in a thin layer under the eyes and around the whole face. It’s made from aloe leaf juice, vitamin E and jojoba oil, which all work to hydrate and protect the skin. The cream is also fast absorbing and won’t leave any greasy residue on the skin after application. This particular moisturizer and eye cream can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin.

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3. Organic Male OM4 Sensitive Step 1

Cleaning your skin is a vital step in any skin care routine. This Organic Male OM4 Sensitive Step 1 is an ideal first step to getting your skin clean. It’s an organic, gel-based cleanser made from a number of key active ingredients, including green tea, dulse, sweet almond oil and rosehip oil. Applying this cleanser to your skin will provide relief to irritation as well as reduce inflammation and redness. Furthermore, it can be combined with the four other OM steps for a complete facial routine.

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4. No B.S. Vitamin C Serum For Face

Using a mix of ingredients including vitamin E, vitamin C, pomegranate and hyaluronic acid, this No B.S. Vitamin C Serum delivers brighter and healthier looking skin. It includes no parabens, sulfates or phthalates and can be used on all skin types. Furthermore, the free radical-fighting serum can be applied to all areas of your face, including the more sensitive under-eye area. It works to restore your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other marks on your skin. In addition, No B.S. products are never tested on animals and a donation is made by the company for every product sold. Use this serum once a day to provide much needed nutrients to your face.

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5. Brickell Men’s Products Anti-Aging Cream

One of the biggest differences you can make to your skin is to fight the signs of aging. Aging is one thing that almost everyone has to face, and those that choose to fight it with skin care products are rewarded with noticeably younger looking skin. With over 75% of users scoring it 5 stars on Amazon, it’s safe to say the Brickell Men’s Products Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream will aid you in your fight. This effective cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and other signs of aging. It works especially well for those with dry and sensitive skin and uses a mix of natural and organic ingredients to achieve results. Ingredients like aloe, DMAE, hyaluronic acid and green tea are quickly absorbed and lead to firmer, tighter and smoother skin.

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