'Sketchbook' Kim Ho-jung, before becoming Tvarotti #Pasting past #Idol Kim Beom-soo #Pavarotti [종합]
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‘Sketchbook’ Kim Ho-jung, before becoming Tvarotti #Pasting past #Idol Kim Beom-soo #Pavarotti [종합]

[스포츠조선닷컴 김수현기자] Singer Kim Ho-jung’s dream was staged in ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’.

Trotge’s Pavarotti Kim Ho-jung appeared as a guest in KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, which was aired on the 22nd.

On this day, Kim Ho-jung said, “I was deliberately wearing young. The stylist said he didn’t have the right clothes for me.” “I think it’s always a dream stage for a singer. It’s great to be in the sketch book ‘Dream Book’.

“We are all parting and living,” Kim Ho-jung said. “I sang this song because I wished that all of my bad feelings were fulfilled. I sing my favorite song for the first time in today’s Sketchbook.”

Yoo Hee-yeol asked Kim Ho-jung’s first song, “The Face I Want to See,” and asked, “Who did you want to see?” Yoo Hee-yeol joked, “This is my favorite body style. I exercised a lot.”

Hee-yeol Yoo said, “Why?” When Kim Ho-joong was born in 91, and was amazed, saying, “I am in the 90th grade.”

Regarding ‘Why I Started Music’, Kim Ho-joong said, “Originally, I didn’t have any meaning for music. I didn’t like studying and only loved sports. Martial arts players, bodyguards, etc. were dreams.” I carried a CD player, and my favorite singer was Kim Bum-soo, a senior. I went to the store and bought a CD. ”

But he said, “Ulsan is my hometown. I went to a record shop in Ulsan and looked at it because I had the first place. I thought the singer should be handsome, but there were people with a lot of beards and fat to look at. I was Pavarotti.” I thought, ‘Is it the back?’ Kim Ho-joong sang the song of Pavarotti on the spot to wow the audience. Hee-yeol Yoo said, “This song really changes a person’s life.”

Kim Ho-jung said, “I went to the preliminary school. There is a program that takes lessons once a week, but another friend takes more lessons. So when I asked how he did it, my parents helped me. I can’t do it. ‘And I’m a student who takes a class once, and my friends are two or three students, but I was neglected in class because I thought I could win. “

“I actually gave up,” said Ho-joong Kim. “I thought I had to make money by hanging out with people who didn’t fit my student status. I did a lot of work with Alba, but I didn’t do anything bad. Music is getting farther away.

Regarding the opportunity to re-music, “The school I was originally admitted to was recommended for expulsion. At that time, the teacher at Gimcheon Arts High School contacted me. I have never thought about that school, but I visited the teacher with the thought that it was the last.” “But after I sang the first song, there was a word from the teacher. ‘I don’t know what kind of difficulty you are in, but you can eat and live forever with the song.’ That sounded like a big bell to me,” he said.

Ho-joong Kim, who won the music competition and appeared on SBS ‘Stockings’. He smiled while looking at the photo. Regarding the reason for going to ‘Stockings,’ Kim Ho-jung said, “I was the first person to do it because I had to talk about it too.” Then, “then the school principal gave me an envelope. It was about 100,000 won. I still remember it.” Jung-gun, I’m going to buy kimbab, eat pork cutlet. ”He looked at me a lot, and he appeared in the hope that if I sang, I could tell my school, but in the end I announced my name more.”

Yoo Hee-yeol’s question, “What would it have been like if I hadn’t heard of Pavarotti’s music?” Recalled a fateful moment, “I don’t think I could have been a singer.

About another idol, Kim Bum-soo, Kim Ho-jung laughed by saying, “I’ve seen Kim Bun-soo, but you won’t remember me. I stayed in the sauna. I was a fan. On the other hand, he confessed, “I still memorize all of Kim Bum-soo’s songs. ‘I miss you’ is my best favorite song.”

Yu Hee-yeol asked, “I think I’m watching Kim Ho-jung’s life theater. I want to listen to Kim Ho-jung’s” I want to see you. Think of it as a karaoke room and sing for comfort. ” Although Kim Beom-soo was tense, he soon sang the song of his idol Kim Beom-soo.

Regarding the ‘trot that opened up my second life’, Kim Ho-jung boasted an extraordinary musical taste: “I studied vocal music, but I really liked the folk music that flowed. Kim Ho-jung said, “There were such songs in my heart. So, as a vocalist, Kim Ho-jung came to Korea and sang at the mayor, reunion, and reunion, but the thing I wanted to do the most was communication and empathy.”

He showed off his dance skills. Kim Ho-jung, who selected Namjin’s ‘Partner,’ showed a couple dance with Yu Hee-yeol. Ho-joong Kim boasted gorgeous stage manners against Yoo Hee-yeol. Yoo Hee-yeol couldn’t hide her laughter by saying, “Mr. Hojung is just opening his eyes like this.”

Regarding the new song, “I love you more than me,” he said, “I had a habit of taking notes, but the lyrics are so good that the melody seems to stick well.”

the last question. Regarding ‘Kim Ho-jung’s dream,’ he carefully expressed his hope by saying, “I hope that ‘the person who sings’ will come to mind when I think of’ Kim Ho-jung ‘rather than having multiple modifiers.’

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