Sister Cement, who was once a smash hit by "selling miserables", was banned from the entire network, and now the current situation is embarrassing!
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Sister Cement, who was once a smash hit by “selling miserables”, was banned from the entire network, and now the current situation is embarrassing!

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Everyone knows that nowadays, people rely on short videos on the Internet to get everyone’s attention, and the means to become popular are endless. Some are accidental and some are deliberate hype. Wang Hao has become a very popular profession. It is possible for a well-developed Internet celebrity to earn one million a month, although it is only a very small number, but after all, this is a job with a high ceiling, so many people are somewhat unscrupulous in order to get everyone’s attention.

There is no threshold for the profession of Internet celebrity. As long as the popularity is high, as long as there are many fans, it can be very popular. Because the pressure of competition is too great, few can maintain high popularity and popularity in the future. For example, Feng Timozhou, Er Ke and others rely on their talents to attract the audience, but there are some Internet celebrities who do not have outstanding talents. If you want to get everyone’s attention, you can only rely on hype, for example, once a smash hit Sister Cement.

Speaking of Sister Cement, she was a very inspirational woman at first. Because her husband was sick in bed, the burden of supporting the family could only be reduced to a woman. In order to feed her family, a woman did not have a high education level, so she could only work on the construction site. In the process of working on the construction site, I also worked very hard to carry the cement video, which was madly forwarded by netizens and won everyone’s sympathy.

A woman in her 30s is carrying a few bags of cement and spinning back and forth on the construction site. This kind of state is naturally very distressing, so many netizens are also willing to help Sister Cement as much as possible. When your sister is live, Many netizens also made a lot of gifts, even Sister Cement, and later started live broadcasting to bring goods, and the sales were also very impressive. Many netizens also felt that buying the products recommended by Sister Cement was helping cement solve the current situation. difficult.

We also know that the Internet is a very imaginary world. Later, some netizens exposed it. Sister Cement’s real life is not as difficult as everyone thinks. Sister Cement’s life is very moist, and the place where she lives is not in the video. It is said that Sister Cement lives in high-end residential areas and has luxury cars in such a dilapidated countryside in China. It is also because of deceiving netizens on the Internet that they have been squeezed and resisted by netizens. Now they can no longer brush her. The video has long been notorious.

Judging from the external conditions of Sister Cement, if you dress up a little, it does look more beautiful, but because it deceives the netizens, it makes people feel very annoying. You first treat the fans as friends. In general, Internet celebrities Both can be popular for a longer period of time, and those Internet celebrities who regard their fans as Leek will soon lose the support of netizens, and slowly fade out of everyone’s field of vision. This is also a very common phenomenon. The editor thinks that we should spread more positive things in the future, instead of just thinking about selling goods live, just thinking about money, I don’t know if you still remember Sister Cement, please leave a message to share your views with the editor.


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