Sino-Indian tensions: Withdrawed 10,000 soldiers, adding more tanks

Sino-Indian tensions: Withdrawed 10,000 soldiers, adding more tanks

(News 24h) – China is said to have withdrawn 10,000 troops on the border with India because of the harsh conditions but has increased its tanks in the region.

India Today reported that the Chinese Army withdrew about 10,000 Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers stationed in remote areas close to the Indian border to new locations, located away from training camps. along the Actual Control Track (LAC) about 80-100 km.

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Both India and China have withdrawn their troops from their borders.

The newspaper’s sources said inclement weather could be the main reason why China moved its troops from training facilities deep in the remote areas. Fundamentally, however, this displacement did not affect their force placement in the border area.

Chinese and Indian militaries are in a decades-long border dispute in the Ladakh region. Tensions between the two sides have escalated since the confrontation in May 2020 following the clash in the Pangong Lake area.

The two countries held many rounds of diplomatic and military talks to reduce the tension, but have not achieved any specific breakthrough so far.

Currently, nearly 50,000 soldiers per side are deployed to combat readiness in many disputed locations, despite the cold winter weather.

Observers believe that it is a normal problem for China to remove troops from remote training camps during the winter, as the weather conditions are so extreme it is difficult to continue the exercises.

India has made a similar move and removed troops from training camps located in the high mountains.

On January 11, Sputnik reported that the Indian and Chinese troops appeared to have deployed the tanks into range, facing each other in East Ladakh of India – an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtensions between the two countries.

This judgment is made after analyzing some satellite images that were circulated on Chinese social networks. It is unclear exactly where the two sides will deploy the tank, but through these pictures, Sputnik predicts that the area is the Rezang La mountains, in the East Ladakh region, along the actual control line (LAC) between the two. country.

Indian and Chinese officials have not officially commented on the information.

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Satellite image showing tank coordination in the Sino-Indian border area.

Just three days ago, a soldier from the People’s Liberation Army of China was arrested near Gurung Hill, East Ladakh, on the Indian side. The Chinese Military Online website of the Chinese army said that this soldier was lost due to the dark and complicated terrain. At the same time, the Chinese side asked India to return this person to China immediately.

The Indian army said on January 11 it had returned these soldiers.

“Chinese soldiers arrested on January 8, 2021 were returned to China in the village of Chushul-Moldo (Ladakh, India) at 10:10 today”, citing the Army’s January 11 statement. India.

An earlier notice from India said the soldiers were arrested and questioned about the reason for crossing the border.

An Indian officer said the mentioned soldiers were captured by the Indian army in the area south of Lake Pangong Tso, west of Ladakh, near the border with Tibet.

This is the second time such an event has happened in recent months. In October 2020, a Chinese soldier strayed across the border towards the village of Demchok in Ladakh. This man was captured and returned by the Indians.

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