Sino-Indian conflict and dangerous power outage in Mumbai

Sino-Indian conflict and dangerous power outage in Mumbai

Last June there was a bloody clash on the border area in the Galwan valley between the Chinese and Indian armies. During the collision, both sides suffered injuries and fatalities. Four months later, there was a sudden power failure in India’s Mumbai financial center more than 2,000 km away. Some foreign media have reported that the power outage is linked to the Sino-Indian border conflict.

Mumbai, India (Image: Andrey Armyagov / Shutterstock)

According to the New York Times on February 28, a research report indicated that when the bloody conflict between China and India broke out in the Himalayas, Chinese malware attacked supply management. power supply all over India.

The report of the network intelligence company Recorded Future based in Boston (USA) found that, after the malware entered the electrical system, most of the software was related to the electrical system of the system. India could not start.

Recorded Future chief executive Stuart Solomon said a Beijing-backed company called Red Echo systematically used advanced network intrusion technology to quietly dominate operation at 12 main nodes. transmission and power generation infrastructure in many regions of India. This raises questions about whether the massive blackout on October 13 last year in Mumbai, one of India’s busiest commercial centers, implies Beijing is issuing a warning that if New Delhi pushes too hard on its border claims, how will India suffer in the future?

It is noteworthy that the large-scale power outage in Mumbai occurred at a time when the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic was rampant, the power outages not only caused trains to stall, the stock market could not operate. Even Indian hospitals have to switch to emergency generators to ensure breathing machines work.

During the Mumbai power outage, some Indian officials said that the power outage was due to a cyberattack from China, while the Indian government also promised to investigate and publish the results in a few minutes. week. But then did not see Indian officials did not disclose the reason for the power outage in Mumbai. Analysts citation information may be because the Indian side is still looking for nodes that China has controlled … While Indian diplomats fear Beijing’s intervention could complicate. Recent efforts by China and India to find diplomatic channels to reduce border tensions.

Many cyber attacks from China target India

After the New York Times reported that Chinese hackers attacked the Indian grid, during a regular press conference on 1/3, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Uong Van Ban countered that related news was “Blatant slander”, “not only irresponsible, but also other intentions. China strongly opposes. “

However, data shows that many cyber attacks from China have targeted India in recent times.

In August 2020, the Indian security agency released a report accusing the CCP’s cyber army unit number 61398 of promoting the collection of cyber intelligence and sensitive information in an long periods, including particularly strong cyberattacks targeting India. Their cyberattacks include targeting India’s first nuclear-powered INS Arihant submarine capable of launching an underwater ballistic missile carrying nuclear warheads, and documenting. Indian military equipment procurement of US military equipment such as the P8I marine patrol aircraft …

In addition, at the end of last year, the Indian cybersecurity organization also revealed to the media that during the online shopping promotions of India in October and November 2020, hackers from China had carried out the attack. public networks millions of Indian consumers with the aim of “commercial fraud“In order to collect the personal information of Indian consumers.

In recent weeks, a Chinese government-backed hacker organization has blocked the information technology (IT) systems of two Indian vaccine manufacturers, according to Reuters news agency. The Wuhan pneumonia vaccine made by these two companies is used in the vaccination plan in India. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Le Tieu Quy, Vision Times

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