Sino-India strained the border again: demanding immediate release

Sino-India strained the border again: demanding immediate release

(News 24h) – India has arrested a Chinese soldier on the pretext of straying into the border.

In a recent announcement, China Military Online, the news portal of the PLA Daily newspaper of the Chinese army, reported that a border guard went missing on January 8 in the border area with India due to darkness and darkness. complex shape.

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Difficult topography and controversial area on the Sino-Indian border.

After the Chinese side announced the incident, the Indian military responded that it had found the soldier and returned it after receiving instructions from the higher officer.

China Military Online added that Indian officials should immediately return these troops to “help reduce the escalation of border tensions between the two countries and maintain regional stability”.

On January 9, the Chinese military’s Liberation Army Daily confirmed the incident. “The Chinese border guards immediately notified the Indian side and asked for search and rescue. Two hours later, the Indian side issued a clear response, confirming they had found the missing soldier. and waiting for instructions to return these soldiers to the Chinese side ”- Liberation Army Daily said.

India previously announced that it had taken a soldier from the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) over the Reality Control Line (LAC), which serves as the border between the two countries, on the morning of January 8.

The statement said the person was arrested in the area south of Pangong Tso Lake. The Indian military statement also accuses the Chinese military of following a tense scale when it mobilizes troops along the border.

Pangong Tso Lake has been one of the major hotspots of the Indo-China border tension that has persisted for many months. A border brawl between the two countries in June 2020 in the Galwan valley left 20 Indian soldiers dead, while the Chinese side did not publish their own casualties.

A Chinese soldier was also briefly held by India in the same area last October.

This increased move made the relationship between the two countries become strained in the relationship that has been “rice is not healthy, soup is not sweet” during the past 7 decades.

The two countries held a number of rounds of talks, but both failed to reduce their military presence at the border. India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on January 8 that both sides had agreed to hold a new round of talks between high-level commanders.

“In the meantime, both sides have maintained grassroots communications to avoid any misunderstandings and misjudgments,” said the Indian Foreign Ministry’s statement.

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