Single purchase is not popular anymore? Why do “One Piece Hot Blood Routes” turn to integrated marketing?

In the first half of 2021, the mobile game market will continue to explode, with major manufacturers taking the lead in subdivided areas. Tencent is deeply engaged in the two-dimensional mobile game. “Komori Life” and “Walnut Diary” have long occupied the Taptap hot list after being launched; Bytedance’s “One Piece Passion Route” based on the super-popular animation “One Piece” was built several times. Climbing to the top of the ios free list, and winning the April Best Game Award recommended by the App Store editor; women’s games and the Xiuxian mobile game track are also working hard, “Girl’s Throne”, “One Thought Happy”, etc. It can be an explosive product in the field.

As an observer of mobile game purchases, the author found that these big manufacturers seem to unanimously choose an integrated marketing strategy with “content” as the core on the road to the “explosion” of these explosive models. Doesn’t the amount of purchase matter anymore?

of course not.

As far as “One Piece Hot Blood Route” is concerned, it is relatively conservative in the purchase volume, but it still has to work hard.

Buying “restraint”

According to the analysis data of major advertisers, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” was released for a total of 83 days, with 219 materials and 323 creative groups. Compared to other mobile games with thousands of launches, this number of launches is not that much.

“One Piece Passionate Blood Route” is the first choice of the headline delivery channel based on byte-beating traffic channels, and based on the product characteristics and target user portraits, the two-dimensional enthusiasts gathering place-Station B is selected as the main investment channel. One.

Regarding the selection of material types, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” did not focus on video materials following the general trend, but placed both image materials and video materials. Before and after the launch on April 22, the image material even became the focus of delivery.

According to the data analyzed by a large number of large materials, under the indicator of “presentation estimation”, the effect of picture materials is not inferior to that of video materials. Among the top 20 materials, 14 are all picture materials. (The picture below shows the most estimated materials)

In terms of material creativity, the materials of “One Piece Hot Blood Route” are mainly divided into four parts: gameplay display, character explanation, game screen display and IP connection.

In this part of the gameplay, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” shows how to make a wish and grow up through video materials.

The characters of the game are displayed with the idea of ​​character introduction-skill introduction-combat explanation.

The picture material and part of the video material show the game screen, especially the battle screen.

With the idea of ​​”Time Tunnel”, Lu Fei passed through countless comics to the end and became the Luffy in the game, emphasizing the genuine IP attribute of “One Piece Passionate Blood Route”.

Based on these data and content, we can see that the purchase volume of “One Piece Hot Blood Route” has both strategies and creativity. The purchase volume is still an important part of the marketing strategy, but it is no longer the first choice or all of the marketing strategy.

Series of theme activities to inspire users

Before going live, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” launched a series of warm-up activities with the theme of “Sea Fan Assembly Plan”. For example, “Navigation Road”, “Captain Gathering”, PVP turn over music and so on. Use original posters and CG to attract fans of the original, and then encourage players to share their own exclusive links, invite friends to make appointments, achieve fission and diffusion, and further expand the player community.

On the night of its launch, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” launched the “Route Event-Fighting Night”, and combined with multiple live broadcast platforms such as Douyu and Huya, inviting popular game anchors Zhang Daxian and Xiao Tuantuan to experience the game with players, and set up a series of games. Genuine surroundings encourage players to participate and continue to drain traffic.

High-quality UCG content out of the circle

In addition to the use of external marketing resources to launch a series of activities in “One Piece Passionate Blood Route”, high-quality PCG content runs through the entire process. As mentioned earlier, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” selected Toutiao and Station B as the main launch channels. The overall content operation strategy has adopted a similar adaptive play based on platform resources: full platform content announcements focusing on Douyin and Station B.

“One Piece Hot Blood Route” takes Douyin as the core of the entire content promotion strategy, and adopts various methods such as official game live broadcasts, kol videos, stickers, challenges, and celebrity participation to achieve national content creation on Douyin.

The game is officially broadcast live almost 24 hours a day, and column videos such as game partner display, partner strategy, and gameplay explanation are set up to achieve official-level content creation.

In addition, Zhao Xi Guangnian, a company of “One Piece Passionate Blood”, is well versed in the “rules of the game” of Douyin, and uses the talent resources of Douyin’s “Game Publisher Program” to engage talents in various fields. The “One Piece” storm has swept games, coser, two-dimensional and other fields. There are not only various internet celebrities and KOLs, but also celebrities such as Guan Xiaotong and Meng Hetang personally participate in content creation and live broadcast. The game official also encourages ordinary users to participate in content creation in the form of Douyin’s “National Mission”. In order to assist and encourage users to create better content, Douyin has also launched a variety of related theme sticker functions such as WANTED comic face, AR Meri, and the strongest one. At present, there are more than 100 topics about “One Piece Hot Blood Route” on Douyin, and the video has been played more than 10 billion times.

This national creation of official-KOL and celebrity-ordinary users has achieved a complete ecological closed loop, supplemented by the purchase of the focus on the Douyin channel, and realized the synergy of quality and efficiency with high-quality UCG content as the core. Integrated Marketing.

The operation mode of “One Piece Hot Blood Route” at station B is similar to that of Douyin. The content creation of the game official-KOL is the core, and it will be adjusted according to the platform characteristics. For example, at station B, the game official shows on partners, partner guides, etc. In addition, there are also columns such as live wallpapers, passionate nautical charts, and the exclusive reservation event “Straw Hat Group Fancy Boarding” at station B. KOL participation is mostly based on gameplay and strategy.

Other platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, we can often see “One Piece Hot Blood Route”, such as the hot search and publicity of Weibo on the day of launch, and the analysis articles and video accounts of various game-related public accounts on WeChat. Emerge in endlessly.

We can clearly see that the marketing strategy of “One Piece Hot Blood Route” pursues the integration of quality and efficiency with “high-quality content” as the core. Pursuing the quality and effect of marketing means both “voice” and “sales”. A single purchase volume cannot meet this requirement.

Coincidentally, similar marketing tactics were also adopted in the same period of the popular “Komori Life” and “Girl’s Throne”. Although their respective product features and platform resources are different, they all choose integrated marketing with “high-quality UCG content” as the core. Behind this model is the further improvement of these big manufacturers’ marketing quality standards. Compared with a single purchase, this model is more proactive. The game official uses high-quality content on the basis of understanding the pain points of users to promote the whole platform to achieve the purpose of occupying users’ minds in a subtle way. KOL, celebrities and other authoritative recommendations + accurate channel publicity + purchase assistance to accelerate user conversion.

Whether it is buying volume or content marketing, the ultimate goal is to achieve drainage and conversion. Which strategy to choose requires comprehensive research and judgment based on product characteristics, platform resources and other conditions. The integrated marketing of the whole platform requires a lot of funds and resource base. I chose the integrated marketing of “One Piece Hot Blood Route”, “Komori Life” and other explosive games, almost all of which are “produced by major manufacturers” and small-scale mobile games.” The marketing model of “Integration of Product and Effect” still needs to be explored.

Picture and data source: Guangdada ( reprinted please indicate the data source


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