Singapore that chat rooms with image COVID-19 image 1Medical staff sampling test COVID-19 for residents of Singapore on November 6, 2020. (Source: AFP / VNA)

According to the Vietnam News Agency reporter in Singapore, after nearly a month of entering the third stage of reopening, this Southeast Asian country has recorded the number of infections. SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 in the community increased, with 22 cases in the past week, increased sharply compared with only 3 cases / 1 week earlier.

The number of infections with unknown sources has also increased, leading to a number of outbreaks in the community.

As a result, the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 (MTF) of Singapore decided to tighten the necessary measures to avoid a repeat outbreak of community infections.

During the press conference on January 22, MTF said it would suspend the organization of the National School Sports Congress, which is scheduled to take place in February.

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Previously, MTF announced to suspend the pilot to allow night entertainment venues such as bars, karaoke … to operate.

In order to further prevent the risk of new outbreaks appearing in the community, starting from January 26 to, Singapore only allows a maximum of 8 visitors to visit a home per day.

Each individual is also advised to limit visits to two or more homes per day.

The size of outdoor gatherings is maintained at 8 people as at present, but the MTF recommends that people do not “exchange” activities between groups and will apply strict measures. when detecting a violation.

In particular, MTF believes that because the risk of infection may increase during the upcoming Lunar New Year, people going to centers and restaurants must wear masks except when eating and drinking.

MTF also said that singing (including diners) is not allowed and hosting other live performances at the center, restaurants and workplace events that serve food and drinks. .

As community social activities increase during the Lunar New Year, on February 8 and 9, Singapore will conduct free testing of shop owners, vendors, and employees. in the food and catering sector as well as deliverers operating in and around the area China Town.

In addition, Singapore also periodically scheduled (RRT) testing of workers in areas at risk of infection. COVID-19Including workers living in collective houses, people working in construction, maritime, and aviation …

Singapore Government also decided to extend the RRT testing program for these subjects until September 30, 2021./.

The Vu (VNA / Vietnam +)