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Singapore island nation spent up to 30 million USD to develop 5G network

Yi Huaren, Minister of Information and Communications in Singapore, announced this week that the country will invest S $ 40 million (30 million USD US) to develop 5G.

For the 5G option, Yi Huaren said that he would not take any specific position with any supplier, which meant that Singapore would not comply with US requirements to prohibit Huawei from building. build 5G network. Although recent information shows that the US has eased the ban on Huawei and Chinese companies can now continue to do business with US companies.

Mr. Yi gave a speech at the Singapore Technology and Innovation Exhibition. The country's 5G development policy stance will focus on navigation, urban management, smart asset management, smart production, government and consumers.

Previously, the United States banned Huawei on a global scale and put pressure on allies to ban Huawei. However, except for some countries such as Germany, France, Australia, Canada and other countries, it is not clear whether the intention to ban Huawei. Singapore's attitude towards Huawei remains unchanged.

Yi Huaren said that Singapore will not have any discrimination against suppliers when choosing a 5G provider, but Singapore requires all suppliers to meet the safety standards set by the government. .

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