Two men play chess in Singapore on July 7.  Photo: AFP.

Singapore has not recorded community nCoV cases for the first time since April

Singapore recorded no new community-acquired nCoV infections today, the first time in nearly three months.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health said that all 6 new nCoV infections reported today were imported, bringing the total number of nCoV infections in the island nation to 62,684, of which 36 cases have died. Of the new infections, three were detected upon entry, the rest were positive for nCoV during the isolation period.

Two men play chess in Singapore on July 7. Image: AFP.

Despite the positive situation, Singapore’s Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said that the country will not reopen on a large scale like the UK and the US, but also will not approach as cautiously as Australia and China.

“I think what we want is a more moderate path. Most importantly, vaccination, maintaining both measures to prevent and reverse the pandemic,” Minister Ong said in an interview, adding that Singapore will ” opening the door gradually, without being bold, every step is to ensure the safety of the people.”

In recent weeks, Singapore has rapidly expanded access to a Covid-19 vaccine, allowing most people 12 years of age and older to be vaccinated. As a result, vaccination rates have skyrocketed, helping the island nation to now become one of the best places to get Covid-19 vaccinations in Asia, with more people getting a single dose than New York and London.

The Singapore government believes that mass vaccination will be the key to reopening, in a world where Covid-19 seems insurmountable, with the ultimate goal of being able to control a pandemic similar to influenza.

Singapore is on track to achieve its goal of fully immunizing two-thirds of its population by Independence Day on August 9. However, Minister Ong warned that it may not be possible to achieve herd immunity, due to the emergence of more and more powerful strains of nCoV.

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