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Simple online PDF unlock guide


You download an important document file on the Internet, but when you open it, it cannot be opened because this PDF file has a password, it’s okay, with the Internet you can simply unlock online PDF with manual good term is written below.

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Currently, due to its high security, the PDF format is used by a lot of users and it has almost become popular. Therefore, you will probably encounter the situation that you downloaded a PDF document, but most likely that the PDF file is locked, making you unable to edit, copy or print … How will this match?

directions of online pdf science simple

Tips to unlock PDF online

Simple Online PDF Unlock Guide

Locked PDF files usually come in two forms:

File unlock key: With this type to open a PDF file, you need a password before you can open a PDF file. So it is almost impossible to break this key.

Lock editing, printing: With this type, you can open the PDF file and view it normally, but cannot edit, copy or print (as shown below, Copy is blurred, hidden so it cannot be copied). This type we can crack.

Instruction on simple online pdf 2

To unlock PDF files you can use an online tool called Smallpdf.

To use this app, follow the link HERE

Step 1: At the interface of the website you click Select file or drop the PDF file to select the locked PDF file on your computer. In addition you can also get the file in Dropbox or Google Drive if you want

Instruction on simple online pdf 3

Step 2: Select a path to the file to unlock -> and press select Open.

Instruction on simple online pdf 4

Immediately the file is uploaded -> the system will display the status Uploading so you know:

Instruction on simple online pdf 5

Step 3: After the file is uploaded -> check the box and click Unlock PDF files (Note: If your PDF file has a password to open the file, there will be an extra step for you to enter the password).

Instruction on simple online pdf science 6

Step 4: After the unlocking process is successful -> you can download the unlocked PDF file to your computer and use:

Instruction on simple online pdfs 7

And your result is a PDF file that has been copied, edited:

Instruction on simple online pdf 8

Above ElectrodealPro just guided you Simple online PDF unlock, fast but effective. To unlock a PDF file you just need to go to the unlocking tool and upload the file you need to unlock, then click Unlock PDF and let Smallpdf crack the password and finally download the file. Unlock is done.
In addition, if you want to sign the PDF file, but the file to be re-signed is Word (.doc) format, immediately refer to the tip. Convert Word to PDF online with Smallpdf that ElectrodealPro shared to make the conversion, wish you success!



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