Similarities between the FBC in Control and the SCP Foundation

Control game released in 2019, possessing similarities with the SCP Foundation, has received a lot of positive reviews from critics.

Mystery tales and urban legends, such as creepypastas and fan fictions, arguably the factors that have contributed to making internet culture become extremely diverse, at the same time… quite scary. One of them is the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization founded with a focus on exploiting and learning about supernatural entities, referred to as SCPs. This is also one of the main inspirations that the developer Remedy Entertainment has effectively utilized, to create the popular Control game in 2019.

[Tết]  Similarities between the FBC in Control and the SCP Foundation

It can be said that both the SCP Foundation and Control want to exploit the concept of supernatural forces that always exist or exist in our everyday objects and habitats. Both these organizations also possess quite a lot of similarities in both formative structure and conceptual theme. From delusional and unreal phenomena to ‘incidents’ that cannot be explained with scientific evidence, buried by government units.

Compared to the giant SCP universe, Control is simply an action game, revolving around an inner monologue storytelling. However, if players pay close attention, they will discover some small stories about this fantasy world during the game. In addition, the horror, tension moments mixed with many elements of irony, bizarre but no less ridiculous, have made this game not only extremely attractive, but also extremely compelling. coil.

These backgrounds and web-fiction topics of the SCP Foundation

Naturally, a title with a linear single player cannot be compared to the massive scale of the SCP Foundation. Much of Control’s world and legends, however, are directly inspired by the stories and articles about this secret organization.

[Tết]  Similarities between the FBC in Control and the SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation’s website and community were established in 2008, after one of the 4chan forum’s first articles spread quickly to every corner of the Internet. Sometime later, the SCP Foundation began creating its own wiki page (scpwiki), or as many call it. “Encyclopedia of supernatural phenomena”. Up to the present time, this wiki page owns more than 6000 different stories, covering a myriad of extremely strange but equally diverse topics.

Not stopping there, as the premise of the SCP universe is designed entirely for a ‘creative writing’ environment such as novels, stories or movie scripts. So stories and web-fiction about the SCP Foundation continue to be expanded and developed to this day. SCP is the most used term in many Volumes on the website. More specifically it stands for “Secure. Contain. Protect ”, implying that it is an extremely secret organization, always operating independently, not dependent on any government agency. Their main purpose is to find a way to do it “Special containment procedures” (Special Containment Procedures).

[Tết]  Similarities between the FBC in Control and the SCP Foundation

Simply put, they will hunt for all the ‘entities’ that violate the laws of physics and the laws of nature, regardless of whether it is people, objects, animals or even places, place. All are referred to as SCP entities, or more succinctly, SCP and followed by a series of numbers, such as SCP-173, SCP-343, SCP-4217, etc. They will then consider their impact and severity to come up with appropriate treatment. Some SCPs will be destroyed if the Foundation feels it is necessary, while others they will keep to study and utilize them for the protection of all of humanity.

Some good examples of SCP-173 are SCP-173, an inanimate statue capable of breaking the neck of anyone who accidentally blinks. Or SCP-3008 is an IKEA furniture store, with the outward appearance of a normal shopping district, but the interior is literally endless architecture (going forever, unable to find a stop). This is where when people accidentally ‘get lost’ they will never find a way out.

Control and its inspiration come from the SCP Foundation

For those who have ever experienced the game Control, these topics will surely sound familiar. For example, the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), Object of Power and the events of the other World (AWEs), all of them. is built and developed based on concepts and stories from the SCP Foundation’s universe.

[Tết]  Similarities between the FBC in Control and the SCP Foundation

Although the SCP legends do not actually reveal who or what created this secret organization, Control has ‘transformed’ it into the FBC, an organizational unit directly influenced by the US government. Object of Power are essentially items that have the ability to give the user special skills and powers that cannot be controlled. And AWEs are supernatural events that often occur.

These similar concepts and ideas also play a big part in the construction and development of Control’s world, and also shape the special situations that players will encounter during the experience.

Control is the best introduction to the mystical universe of the SCP Foundation

By making good use of the constructive methods the SCP Foundation has been working on over the years, the FBC Foundation in this game has achieved quite a bit of success in constructing a linear plot, revolving around elements of mythology and network fiction.

[Tết]  Similarities between the FBC in Control and the SCP Foundation

Obviously everything related to this game, are works born directly from the inspiration of the SCP universe. Even the FBC organization in the game is considered by many gamers as a ‘Museum’, hiding the legendary secrets of the SCP Foundation. It can be said that this is something that almost no other game can do.

Overall, the game-making style of the developer Remedy Entertainment in general and Control’s unique gameplay in particular, were highly appreciated by critics. Some even say that this is a unique combination of the third-person shooter genre and the superhero action game.

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