Silver-white high heels paired with skinny jeans, lively and elegant, trousers can also be sexy and seductive

Silver-white high heels paired with skinny jeans, lively and elegant, trousers can also be sexy and seductive

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For a long time, jeans have been trousers of different styles, not only in various designs, but also in ever-changing dyeing. Each dyeing has a unique beauty. That is one of the reasons for the great changes in jeans style over a long period of time. Today’s jeans are absolutely sexy, and the pants are full of feminine taste. First, let’s look at the color scheme. There are no more than three colors of black, blue, silver and white, simple and generous.

The jeans are dark blue, dyed deep and delicate, and look more dignified and regular. High-waisted pants are a design of high-waisted pants, put the whole belly away, and wear a skirt with a little waistline, which is more sexy. The trousers are designed with obvious width, which is also to modify the body shape and make your waist thinner.

The design of the tights clearly shows the lines of the waist and hips. These trousers are often very picky, but they are also a tool for showing body shape for girls with good hips. The length of the nine-point pants makes the thin ankles look thinner, and short girls can easily control them.

In addition to style features, the decorative patterns on the pants are also brighter. The orange button on the front is very eye-catching, and the pants color is not too monotonous. In addition, the wiring design of the hip is also very individual. The smooth arc can make the hip line more beautiful and smooth.

It has irregular short sleeves. There are white different marks on the body, showing youth and vitality. The top is also tight, showing a very sexy body. There are irregular triangular fabric designs on the front and back of the lower edge of the garment. This design can reduce the exposure of the waist skin. At the same time, the top fabric has a certain shielding effect on the waist when viewed from the side, making the waist look more delicate.

In the end, when paired with elegant and intelligent silver-white high heels, it can emphasize the sexy femininity of the body.


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