Signs should replace car cam belt immediately

Signs should replace car cam belt immediately

When you notice these signs of damage, you should immediately check the automobile belt to avoid the heavy effects later.

What is automobile cam belt?

The car camshaft belt is the part that is responsible for supporting the camshaft and crankshaft to be matched, so that the timing of valve opening and closing is not misaligned. Normally, belts are manufactured from rubber materials, but some models use transmission chains instead. However, their uses and roles are not different. Without cam belts, variable valve timing will not be accurate, affecting the operation of cars. The worst case scenario is to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Car cam belt

Car cam belt

In addition to the important use above, the orange belt also helps the engine keep the power system and water pump valves running smoothly. Therefore, the main problematic belts are important errors that need to be quickly overcome. To understand more about cams, car owners need to understand the information about the principle of modern umbrella engine operation, about the period, the operation stage of 4-stroke engine.

  • Intake: This is the period when the relief valve has not yet opened. Only the intake valve is opened so that when the piston moves down, the mixture of fuel and air can enter the cylinder.
  • Compression period: During this period, all valves are closed and the mixture of air and fuel is compressed.
  • Explosion period: All valves in this stage are still closed, the piston goes down so that the spark plug can burn the mixture of air and fuel. Thanks to that, the car has the power to operate.
  • Discharge cycle: In this period, the exhaust valve opens to allow the mixture of air and excess fuel to be discharged outside the engine. Inlet valve is closed.

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During these periods, the cam drive is continuously working so that the camshaft bearings are rotated to match the car’s crankshaft. Just a cam belt will help create disagreement between the two axes. This situation will cause danger to the engine of the car. Valves and pistons can be bent, even the worst case is completely destroyed.

Orange belts are very important

Orange belts are very important

Signs indicate the orange belt is broken

Engine oil leaks

Vehicle owners should check the motor vehicle belts when detecting a leak of leaking oil or engine oil. The cause of this situation is often due to the worn protection belt of the cam strap has been worn, cracked or has been improperly installed in the first place. This protective cap, which is tightly fixed with screws and bolts, can still cause damage. Leakage of engine oil will cause many bad conditions for cars, orange belts wear out quickly, easily leading to broken rubber belts.

The engine appears loud noise

The role of the cam drive belt is to synchronize the operation of the crankshaft and camshaft. Therefore, when the belt is worn out, the operation of these two axes is also affected. This is one of the reasons cars have strange noises. As soon as these noises occur, the vehicle owner should take the car to replace the automobile cam belt as soon as possible, to avoid this situation being prolonged.

The engine has a strange noise that may be caused by worn belts

The engine has a strange noise that may be caused by worn belts

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Loss of engine fire

The engine lost fire is also one of the symptoms of automotive belts need replacing. When the cam belt is worn, it may slip on the camshaft, resulting in a cylinder opening or closing at the wrong time. Therefore, the engine ignition process cannot work properly. If the car is not replaced early, the car will suffer serious damage. For example, the engine explodes, the car vibrates, the engine power is weakened because of the unstable revving speed, it is difficult to accelerate, many coal dust will stick on the spark plug.

The motor does not spin

The engine cannot spin when the car cam belt is broken. Cars can stall in the middle of the road. Especially when a car is moving and the cam belt breaks off abruptly, most parts of the engine will suffer damage. When you observe the above signs, the car owner should bring the car to a car service center for car care experts to inspect and replace the belts. Choose a reputable maintenance center to get your car the best way to change car belts.

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