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Sign in with Apple is better than the login button with Google and Facebook

Sign in with Apple is a new feature that allows you to log in to apps with an Apple ID account, which is similar to the login button with Google, Facebook and Sophisticated and many services and apps. The goal is that you don't need to remember many passwords, and especially for Apple, it's about privacy, Apple says they can better protect your data. Will Apple do that, and is it really good?

1. How does the Sign in with Apple work?

Also with Apple based on the standard available is OAuth, a protocol used to log many web sites, apps used, Sophisticated use of OAuth 2.0. This makes it easy for developers to integrate Sign in with Apple into their existing systems without spending too much time.

On the web and app, you will see a Sign in with Apple button like this, similar to the Sign in button with Facebook or Google or Yahoo.

Click the Sign in with Apple button, you will see a dialog box open to display the Apple website, where you can enter your Apple ID email and password to confirm the permission for certain web / app X to use your Apple account. yours. Here you can also read more about the data that Apple will share with third party app / web.

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As for iOS users, when the app integrates Sign in with Apple, you don't need to enter your password, just use Face ID or Touch ID fingerprint sensor to authenticate.

After successfully logging in to Apple ID, if you have 2-layer security enabled, Apple will ask you to enter the OTP code, otherwise go straight to it.

One difference of Sign in with Apple is that if the 3rd party app / web site requires an email, you can choose to share your Apple email account, or use another virtual account instead. The virtual account will look like the one below, and any email sent to this virtual account will be forwarded to the main account for the reader, so you don't miss information from the web or the app just because you don't want to share the email. real.

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2. Where is Sign in with Apple safer?

Signed with Apple is advertised as a very safe feature and respects your privacy, so when the app needs to get your name or email address, you must ask you carefully.

Most importantly, for every app you use Sign in with Apple, a fake email account will be generated randomly as you can see in the picture below. When using Delicate your email can be abc@privaterelay.appleid.com, when using Facebook your email can be xyz@privaterelay.appleid.com, so Delicate will not be able to map who you are on Facebook, Apps cannot share data to learn and exchange user behavior. Ads or personalization features also follow that cannot work between two apps that are not in the same system.

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And when you get bored of not using any app, you can disable random email accounts, so you no longer need to receive spam emails from the web / app. This is a pretty clever way and a direct kick to Google or Facebook, companies that live on email, thanks to identity and advertising.

3. What obstacles will Sign in with Apple give you?

Since Sign in with Apple only shares email and names, if some apps need more information, you have to fill them out manually. In fact, this case is not troublesome, Facebook is currently limiting what the app or the web may require from you.

Another limitation related to Apple asking developers to integrate Sign in with Apple on iOS apps, maybe some service that doesn't keep up or doesn't want to integrate will cause you a little bit of trouble related to The app update is postponed by Apple. And with applications that are geared towards businesses, it's not sure how Sign in with Apple will be integrated.

But in general, you don't have many difficulties or obstacles, just use it as Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook. Difficult story of the developer, let them worry about it.

Sophisticated is planning to integrate Sign in with Apple already : D

I appreciate this move from Apple, it will make Apple users have a safe and secure login method. It also shows Apple's power, only Apple has the ability to force developers to do what they want, Google or Facebook are completely incapable of doing that. Because people say that he is both rich and powerful, and a group of users who are willing to spend a lot of money and have a high value, they must listen to everyone.

Duy Luân

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