Sigil, the "unofficial 5th chapter" of Doom 1, debuted

Sigil, the "unofficial 5th chapter" of Doom 1, debuted

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After many delays, John Romero finally released the WAD Sigil version that fans have been expecting since it was announced late last year.

Probably need not be a "hard fan" of Doom Only hear the name of John Romero. One of the original developers of Doom recently released chapter 5 for the version Doom first named: "Sigil”(Or“ SI6IL ”) is completely free. Conditions for playing games, of course, you must own the original game.

Sigil owns nine new stages that John Romero features as "more detailed than any of the first four episodes". He also said they bring the feeling of a true 5th chapter. All 9 screens can be played in single player, co-op (collaborative play) and Deathmatch (single player).

content Sigil Continued from the end of episode 4: The Earth is ravaged by monsters from Hell, and your job is to find the "roots" of this phenomenon.

The Megawad package – a term used to describe "huge" mods for Doom – can be downloaded for free on the home page, or you can spend 6.66 euros (about 175,000 VND) to buy the version with the background music made by musician Buckethead, replacing the MIDI music set of original.

John Romero said that this Megawad package was designed for Doom 1, so he recommends that players do not jump and use mice. However … shhh, say this, you can completely install it Brutal Doom there.

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