Sidney Powell: Director Dominion disappeared, headquarters in the US and Canada closed
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Sidney Powell: Director Dominion disappeared, headquarters in the US and Canada closed

Attorney Sidney Powell of the legal team President Trump revealed in an interview with Newsmax On Friday (November 20) that, Dominion’s chief of product and security strategy has disappeared, and Dominion’s two headquarters in Canada and the US also closed.

Director of Product Strategy and Security, and a Vice President of Dominion Voting System Corporation (Image cut from video)

On Friday, Newsmax host Howie Carr interviewed lawyer Sidney Powell. Eric Coomer – director of product strategy and security, and vice president of Dominion Voting System Corporation – was gone and no one could find it, she said. In addition, the headquarters of Dominion in Toronto Canada and in Denver, Colorado USA have also closed.

Ms. Powell also mentioned that Dominion’s Toronto headquarters used to share a building with the leftist organization office and international financial crocodile George Soros, but it is now empty. Ms. Sidney believes there were many documents related to election fraud in that building.

In addition, Dominion also canceled a scheduled hearing on Thursday (November 19) with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives held a press conference on Friday (November 20) to question Dominion while there were growing suspicions that Dominion was manipulating the presidential election, where Mr. Seth Grove, a member of the Commission. , criticized: “IF THERE IS NOTHING TO SAVE, WHY SHOULD USE US?”

Dominion’s abrupt cancellation and absence from the hearing will certainly increase suspicions, and increase the credibility of President Trump’s accusations.

A few days ago, the Internet went viral that since the November 3 election, more than 100 of Dominion’s 243 employees have deleted their personal data on LinkedIn. So it means that nearly half of Dominion’s employees “disappeared”, the rest seem to be in Serbia, or other Dominion’s European headquarters.

In addition, Eric Coomer was also found to have ties to the violent organization Antifa, and his information as director has been removed from the Dominion website.

Gateway Pundit’s host Jim Hoft had an interview with Joe Oltmann (Oltmann is the FEC United founder Faith Education Commerce – who revealed how he infiltrated Antifa and how in his conversation with the city. Antifa’s member, he discovered “Eric of Dominion” was supposed to be part of conversation during the week of September 27, 2020).

Oltmann told Gateway Pundit that “Eric “ telling the members of the Antifa they need “continue to pressure“. When one of the group talks in September asked, “Who is Eric?”, someone replied, “Eric is that guy in Dominion “.

Oltmann began to delve deeper into Eric Coomer, trying to figure out whatever he could about him. Ultimately, Oltmann also ‘digs for gold’ when he can (legally) access a Facebook page he claims belongs to Dominion Deputy CEO Eric Coomer.

Joe Oltmann said he had never seen such hostility and cynicism from someone with a PhD in nuclear physics. Oltmann explained that Coomer actually reposted Antifa’s statement toward President Trump on his Facebook page.

Oltmann told Gateway Pundit that he believed Eric Coomer was mentally ill and an antisocial psychopath. Coomer of the day acts as the company’s chief executive, and at the same time the one who hates Trump and supports Antifa in his private life.

After Joe Oltmann exposed Eric Coomer’s story, he was ‘banned’ by Twitter.

Joe Oltmann then told Gateway Pundit that he had received many life threats after uncovering the Coomer’s and the Dominion system.

During the meeting, an Antifa member asked Coomer what if Trump won, Coomer replied: “Don’t worry about the election, Trump won’t win. I guarantee it! “

During a Friday (November 20) interview with Newsmax, when asked if there is any evidence of Coomer’s remarks at the Antifa meeting, lawyer Sidney replied that her legal team had collected related testimonies and oath videos.

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