Sibu night market lights up until Lantern Festival-united daily

(Reporter Sibu 22nd) The Sibu Night Market will perform a lighting ceremony tonight to add a New Year atmosphere to the night market.
Cheng Mingren, director of the Market and Hawker Group of Sibu City Council, said that the City Council will host a night market archway design competition for the night market, and the entries must be designed by the designers themselves.
He pointed out that the prize for the championship is RM 3,000, the runner-up is RM 1,000, and the third runner-up is RM 500. The winning works will be produced and placed in the three import and export of the night market.
The competition starts from February 1st to March 31st. The relevant rules and application forms can be found and downloaded from the official website of Sibu City Council. All application forms and entries must be submitted to the Sibu City Council Library.
He said that the city council will also design lighting for the night market, so that when people come to the night market to buy things, they can also enjoy the beautiful lights on the scene.

The Sibu Night Market Hawker Association will hang 388 small lanterns, 10 large lanterns and 118 lanterns at the night market this year, which will be suspended until the Lantern Festival.

The group took a photo after the lights were turned on.
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