SHOW IT NOW 2021 officially returns with the theme GREEN YOUR MIND

SHOW IT NOW 2021 officially returns with the theme GREEN YOUR MIND


At Show It NOW 2021, the participating contestants will continue to submit works to compete in the categories: Drawing, Photography, Design, Video, divided into two contest tables: Community panel and student board (for students). Arena students and alumni nationwide). The age to participate in this year’s contest will range from 15 – 30 years old (born 1991-2006). The total prize value of the Show It NOW 2021 contest is up to more than 600 million VND, accompanied by many “passenger tickets” to join the Arena Multimedia creative community.

What is “Green Your Mind” and how does it appear in everyday life?

“Green Your Mind” – In the verb form, we can understand that “green” literally means “greening”, “greening”, “cleaning” or “refreshing”. In the figurative sense, the verb “green” is also used to express deeper and broader layers of meaning, especially in the sentence “Green Your Mind”, “green” has transcended the intimate connection with nature. and environment.

In modern society, “Green Your Mind” is an idea and lifestyle that speaks of civilization and good qualities in a person, expressed in extremely small actions in life.

That’s when you maintain general hygiene, do not litter, turn off the lights before leaving the company, save water, etc…; when you show civility in public such as queuing, giving way to the elderly on the bus; is the moment you wear a mask when you go out; or when you know how to invest and take care of yourself by using organic foods, reading books to develop knowledge, exercising, sports to improve health.


When participating in Show It NOW 2021, you can convey the message “Green Your Mind” with photos, paintings, graphics or vivid clips. Let’s combine aesthetic thinking, creativity and multi-faceted perspectives to spread green ideas in your own way with the Show It Now 2021 contest, friends!

Bringing prestige and positive messages spread year by year, Show It NOW 2021 – GREEN YOUR MIND continues to receive the companionship of the following units:

– Companion partners: SCDI Community Development Initiative Support Center & Clean and Green Vietnam Organization.

– Sponsors: Colab Vietnam, Huy On Vietnam, Tu Gia Computer, Time Universal Communications, RIO Book, Grimm DC.

– Media Sponsor: Vietnam Student Newspaper, Hoa Hoc Tro, Barcode Magazine, YAN, YBOX, Advertising Vietnam,, Viet Designer, Halography.

Joining the jury of Show It Now 2021, besides the familiar face of Mr. Vu Anh Duc – Arena Multimedia Training Director, this year’s contest also has the presence of famous and influential names. Great influence on the media and entertainment industry in Vietnam: Art Director – Viet Max, Associate Creative Lead – Ly Thanh Co, Visual Artist – Sith Zam, Photographer Khanh Phan and Director – Producer Doan Ngoc Minh.


Possessing rich knowledge and experience in “fighting” in the domestic and foreign Multimedia market, expert advisors will work with the grading committee to select potential factors in this year’s season.


– Painting

– Photography

– Design

– Video


– Community Board: All young people from 15 to 30 years old, regardless of geographical area.

– Student Table: All Arena students and alumni across the country from 15 to 30 years old.


Show It NOW 2021 will start accepting entries from July 15, 2021 to 24:00 on August 15, 2021.



1. Total prize value up to more than 600 million VND:

– 16 Multimedia Design scholarships 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% with a total value of 480,000,000 VND
– Cash: 68,000,000 VND
– Other gifts: Voucher to buy books, electronic drawing boards, music speakers, headphones, … with a total value of up to 85,000,000 VND from sponsors Tu Gia, Huy On Vietnam, RIO Book, Grimm DC …

2. Separate awards for each category (Drawing – Photography – Design – Video)

A. SPECIALIZATION: These are the awards that will be evaluated and appraised by a professional panel. Specifically:

2.1 Community Table:

– 4 First – Second – Third – Consolation in each category Drawing – Photography – Design – Video


2.2. Student Table: (For all Arena students and alumni nationwide from 15 – 30 years old)

– 4 First – Second – Third – Consolation in each category Drawing – Photography – Design – Video
– 1 Grand Slam award: for the best contestant, winning first prize in all 4 categories Drawing – Photography – Design – Video.


B. VOTE AWARDS: VND 3,000,000 for each category (Drawing – Design – Photography – Video), applicable for both panels.



Or you can contact BTC directly via hotline: TP. HCM: 1800 1525 – 1800 6325; Hanoi: 1800 1542

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