Should you buy Toyota Fortuner 2014?

With many improvements and modern conveniences, car drivers have evaluated that the old Fortuner 2014 is a suitable option for those who want to buy a used car.

Introducing Toyota Fortuner 2014

According to many experts and users rated the old Toyota Fortuner 2014, this model has many improvements and upgrades to the engine system and safety equipment to give users a good experience while driving Fortuner. In addition, with the prestige of Toyota brand in Vietnam for many years, Fortuner 2014 also achieved impressive achievements in sales.

Toyota Fortuner 2014

At the time of launch, Fortuner 2014 has a new selling price ranging from 980 million to 1,050 billion VND per vehicle depending on the engine version. Currently, the old Fortuner 2014 is sold in a price range of about 700 million VND.

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Exterior Fortuner 2014

The exterior of the Fortuner SUV was also “slapped” by the company with clearer edges and lines than the old 2013 Fortuner. Noteworthy is the presence of LED lights on three shock absorbers, which act as daytime running lights for the car. The taillights have also been “clawed” to increase a strong and dynamic feeling when viewed from behind.

Pretty nice exterior of Fortuner 2014

It can be affirmed that, in terms of aesthetics, Toyota Fortuner 2014 brings a much more beautiful and modern feel than Fortuner 2013. However, on the downside, the exterior of Fortuner 2014 is still thin exterior paint so the car is prone to scratches. scratches and exterior components still have to be turned on manually, but not yet equipped with automatic on / off touch modes.

2014 Fortuner interior

The interior compartment of the Fortuner 2014 still uses two main colors, cream and gray. This color makes the interior of the car feel clean, elegant and luxurious. However, the third row of seats has to give up space for the second row, so it is quite tight and uncomfortable for adults.

Dashboard Fortuner car

Fortuner 2014 will still be a pretty “boring” car if the owner loves technology and likes to use modern gadgets will not feel satisfied when driving this car. Positioning, cruise control, blind spot sensors … are not equipped, although the car has a price of up to a billion. This omission makes the old Toyota Fortuner 2014 considered unattractive to a group of young customers.

In addition, even on the leather upholstery version, the ceiling and floor are covered with felt fabric. This design direction makes the area in the car susceptible to dirt, difficult to clean and needs to regularly replace the floor cover, ceiling cover or cover with another anti-fouling layer. The car’s entertainment system is also quite “monotonous” with a CD player for the diesel version, DVD and a touch screen for the petrol version. However, the sound quality of the music speakers in the car is not really good, so it is difficult to satisfy demanding customers, the touch screen according to the DVD player is also “criticized” for being quite dull and the interface is relatively “homeland”. .

The interior compartment of the Fortuner car with the second row of seats is quite wide

Engine specifications Fortuner 2014

Durable engine has always been one of the things that make the “brand” of Toyota. After about 4 years of use, almost all Fortuner 2014 models have not had any serious damage to the engine. This helps car owners save a small amount of money for car repair and maintenance.

In terms of operating experience, Toyota Fortuner 2014 offers quite good performance in the city. The car has a large ground clearance, so it is well adapted to many complex terrains in Vietnam. In addition, Toyota has also improved quite a lot in soundproofing, so the 2014 Fortuner model is quite good for the quietness in the cabin, even with the diesel engine, the soundproof is also much better than that. the vehicles also use other diesel engines.

Fortuner has a large ground clearance so it can adapt to a variety of terrains

In addition, thanks to the large ground clearance, Fortuner 2014 creates a spacious cabin space with quite good visibility. The dashboard area is also quite simple, the steering wheel is oil-assisted, so first-time drivers can also quickly control this car. However, the parameters of the old Fortuner car, the engine capacity is only sufficient (140 hp for the petrol engine and 142 hp with the oil engine), so the car accelerates slowly, the force to overtake other cars is not strong, when Acceleration has a delay of up to a few seconds, so the owners need to “watch” this acceleration time to ensure passing or accelerating safely.

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Final, old car The 2014 Fortuner also has a sizeable operating disadvantage that comes from the lack of safety equipment. This model is still only equipped with 2 airbags and ABS. And other technologies such as electronic balance, automatic gas, anti-slip … are not equipped, so this “wobbly” car is somewhat unstable when cornering, leading to tilt and flip the car. This weakness will have a lot of potential risks for owners who are still “incompetent” when dealing with urgent cornering situations.

The old Fortuner 2014 lacks many safety equipment

Should I buy a used Toyota Fortuner 2014?

Although there are many disadvantages, Toyota Fortuner 2014 is still one of the plans that many car owners consider when they do not know which 7 seats of a used car 700 million to buy. The reason is that Fortuner is known as “the car for the family” thanks to its high durability, good price retention, less damage and adequate utility. In this price range of 700 million, car owners also have many other options such as: Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Outlander, Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-5 … are also quality models and are used by many people.

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