Should you buy the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C200?

Should you buy the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C200?

Current Mercedes The C-Class has been very successful in the midsize luxury sedan segment. Typically Mercedes C200 2015, although old, still has a lot of attraction for players who hunt for “delicious” goods.

General introduction about 2015 Mercedes-Benz C200

The mid-sized luxury sedan segment in Vietnam is the playground for names such as Audi A4, BMW Series 3 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been very successful in many world markets. In 2015, more than 300,000 C-Class vehicles were delivered and rolled over in Europe.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz C200

This famous German car company has created a diverse generation of C-Class with its own class: C200 is for young people with personality, C250 Exclusive for middle-aged people who love looks. Elegant elegance, the C250 AMG is specifically for those who prefer strong sports.

So far, Mercedes-Benz’s C200 2015 models are still an enchanting choice for experienced and knowledgeable German car drivers. Currently, with a more reasonable asking price – around 1 billion VND – the market is very interested in this cult C200 2015 model. In this post, to answer the question Should buy a second luxury carwe are together Used Mercedes C200 2015 reviewa mid-size luxury sedan from renowned German carmaker Mercedes-Benz.

Exterior Mercedes-Benz C200 2015

With the styling of the 2015 C200, you can easily confuse the Mercedes S-Class. The 2015 C2005 standard 4-door sedan has the feel of a 2-door coupe. The capeau lid is stretched out and the cabin section is wider and pushed back more. The size of the C200 2015 (length x width x height) is 4,686 x 1,810 x 1,442mm with a wheelbase of 2,840mm. C200 has a larger wheelbase than its predecessor. With such dimensions, it seems that the C-Class is close to Mercedes E-Class models – the premium line of this German manufacturer.

This 2015 Mercedes mid-size luxury sedan is receiving a lot of attention from the market

An improvement is the pros feel Mercedes C200 2015 User’s size is larger than its predecessor, but the car weighs less than 100kg. According to the company, the application of aluminum-phase finishing materials with steel frames has helped the company achieve this ideal weight. Cutting the weight at such a reasonable level will help the C200 reduce fuel consumption under load (20% in principle) and the engine will run at a higher efficiency.

Car head

The quite soft 2015 Mercedes C200 headlamp cluster comes with very sharp LED daytime running lights, which are clawed from top to bottom by the grille are two fairly simple horizontal bars with a three-pointed star in the middle. The front bumper is added by the company adding a spoiler for the underbody. The air intakes have rounded corners. The front design looks similar to the old 2016 Mercedes C200.

Close-up of front end Mercedes C200 2015

Vehicle body

Body Mercedes C200 2015 possesses ribbed lines running along the front capeau as well as on the sides of the body. When moving, the effects of these tendons make C200 look stronger and sportier.

Close-up of bodywork Mercedes C200 2015


According to the reviews, old 2015 Mercedes C200 The rear headlights are quite similar to this set of S-Class. The difference is that there are two rows of LED lights to indicate the brake instead of three rows of lights like the S-Class. In general, the C200 2015 is designed quite neutral to be able to match the choice of both men and women. With seven exterior colors, the 2015 C200 is a luxury sedan choice for everyone.

Close-up of the rear end of Mercedes C200 2015

Interior Mercedes-Benz C200 2015

Interior space

The complete equipment for interior space of C200 2015, luxury old car model, indeed showed its class proximity with the more advanced models of the C-Class. You will find many premium materials such as Nappa and aluminum smoothly utilized in places such as steering wheel, tableau, splint or unlocking device. The interior space thus becomes youthful and modern and erases the monotonous feeling.

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The interior is simple but luxurious

The seat system is quite flexible, adjustable and remembers the adjustable position. Back hugging and soft leather material make the occupants quite comfortable during long journeys. The rear seats are also quite flexible and convenient with quite comfortable upper legroom and ceiling clearance. According to the company, the seat material is light and recyclable – one of the advantages that makes the customer feel good for customers interested in protecting the environment.

Equipped with comfort

The advantage of being assembled at Mercedes-Benz’s factory in Vietnam and being committed by the company “the quality is not inferior to any C200 in the world”, the C200 2015 is quite localized. Hard to find 2015 Mercedes C200 disadvantages. Vietnam map has been integrated into the GPS navigation system integrated by the German car company on Command. The system of leather seats is premium and functional and memory 3 positions.

A close-up of the luxury cockpit of the 2015 C200

The 7 ”size multi-color touch screen entertainment with high-quality speakers arranged in a very scientific compartment offers the highest experience. You will have CD player, Radio, USB / AUX / Bluetooth connections. There is also a web browser for users who need to look up information on the internet. The air conditioning system on the C200 2015 is a dual-zone Thermatic automatic. You will find the cool air vents with a chic chrome trim.

The following is a list of all the equipment available Interior Mercedes C200 2015 The vertex you can find is as follows:

  • Electric driver’s seat & front seats
  • The rear seats fold with 40/20/40 proportions
  • Touchpad controls in the center base
  • SD card slot
  • Multimedia connection port located under the central armrest, supporting data connection with smart devices.
  • Sunshades on the rear glass electric adjustment
  • Sunshades in the two rear windows
  • KEYLESS-START function starts by button
  • Open the back trunk with the remote electronic lock
  • Sound alarm function when opening / locking doors
  • Cruise Control’s SPEEDTRONIC – speed control supports the maximum speed setting required, especially useful in speed-restricted traffic areas.
  • Clock displays outdoor temperature

Engine Specifications Mercedes-Benz C200 2015


Specifications Mercedes C200 2015 The engine is as follows: A 4-cylinder, in-line engine, with a capacity of 2.0L, produces a maximum power of 184 hp at 5,500 rpm with a maximum torque of 350 Nm from 1,200 to 4,000 rpm. The transmission used by the C200 2015 is a 7-speed automatic (7G-TRONIC PLUS) with rear-wheel drive (note, other sedans in the segment all use front-wheel drive).


Mercedes C200 2015 There’s a rear-wheel drive, an engine feature that was lacking in older C200 versions. C200 reaches a top speed of 250km / h with the ability to accelerate from 0 – 100km / h in 6.6 seconds. According to the announcement from Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, C2005 2015 has an average fuel consumption in mixed traffic conditions at 5.3 – 5.6L / 100km.

C200 2015 is capable of accelerating from 0 – 100km / h in 6.6 seconds

Safety equipment Mercedes-Benz C200 2015

Take a look at the list of premium safety equipment available on the model Mercedes-Benz C200 2015 old:

  • Suspension system adapted to AGILITY CONTROL technology
  • Direct-Steer steering system with electric power. This technology combines power assist with a speed-designed steering ratio. As a result, it brings optimal driving experience as well as accurate and comfortable steering assistance for the operator
  • Tires with Run-flat technology
  • DIRECT SELECT automatic shift lever is located behind the wheel
  • A semi-automatic DIRECT SELECT gear lever is behind the wheel
  • Turn indicator lights are integrated on the rearview mirror, in the rear lights and LED third brake lights
  • Rearview mirror in automatic anti-glare
  • The ECO Start / Stop function stops the engine automatically when the car is stopped
  • Collision Prevention Assist Plus System – assist in collision prevention thanks to automatic brake assist function
  • The Active Parking Assist system supports active parking. This system integrates the PARKTRONIC function to assist in detecting the appropriate parking space. This function can control the steering wheel and brakes fully automatically to position the vehicle in the appropriate parking space in both parallel and perpendicular parking situations.
  • ATTENTION ASSIST function – warning distraction to the operator
  • Anti-lock braking system ABS
  • The system supports BAS emergency brake force
  • Anti-slip function when accelerating ASR
  • ESP electronic body stabilization function
  • ESP® Curve Dynamic Assist system. This function helps the operator to avoid lack of steering when cornering at high speeds. As a result, the car will turn the corner more accurately and safely
  • The Crosswind Assist function helps keep the vehicle safe with strong winds that blow across the body, especially in stormy weather conditions
  • ADAPTIVE brake function with two functions: HOLD – Stop Assist and Hill-Start Assist – Hill Start Assist
  • Automatic hand brake possesses intelligent brake release function
  • The Adaptive function brake light blinks in the event of a sudden brake
  • The airbags are evenly distributed in the front, side front and window position
  • All seats have a height-adjustable headrest and the front seats add a function to help reduce neck injuries. 3-point seat belt system is equipped for all seats with emergency belt tension function and torque limiting function
  • Rain wiper set with rain sensor
  • Tire pressure reduction warning function
  • Central door lock function: automatically locks when the car starts and automatically unlocks in an emergency

Should I buy a used 2015 Mercedes-Benz C200?

The C-Class with 1,500 units sold, as announced by Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, is the best-selling luxury sedan in Vietnam. This number set a record up to 256%, surpassing Toyota in the segment. Price Mercedes C200 2015 currently ranges from 1 to 1.1 billion.

Thus, we can see, the Mercedes-Benz C200 2015 old midsize luxury sedan has a luxurious and youthful look, quite suitable for both men and women of many ages or with small families in the metropolitan area. market. German quality is not discussed with top-notch technology equipment and impressive fuel consumption. Currently, with such a very reasonable price, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C200 is gaining great attention from the market is not surprising.


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