Should you buy the 2012 Ford Everest?

Should you buy the 2012 Ford Everest?

Many experts assess Ford Everest cars are worth considering if you need to buy a cheap old 7-seat SUV. So what is going on?

An introduction to the 2012 Ford Everest

After more than 10 years in the Vietnamese market, the 7-seat SUV from the US Ford Everest has gradually asserted its position in the country that prefers Japanese cars. This is also the opponent that makes the 7-seater stature from the Toyota family, the old Innova, the Fortuner must “sweat”. The name “Everest” is named after the manufacturer of the highest mountain in the world, with the ambition to bring his car to conquer all terrains.

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2012 Ford Everest

With the advantage of superior strength and persistence over the years, the old Everest is also interested and sought by users. In particular, the 2012 Ford Everest car also reached the top of the top names when buying an old SUV for 600 million. Let’s take a detailed review of the 2012 Ford Everest to see why this old car is worth considering.

Exterior Everest 2012

In general, the appearance of the Everest over the generations has not changed too much, only the later, the car becomes soft, less grumpy, square. The 2012 Everest generation compared to the 2011 Ford Everest version, has a more modern and youthful look, but compared to the next generation, it has more rugged and tough hardware.

The front of the car still has its own characteristics with a large grille, simple design with 3 chrome-plated horizontal bars, the blue oval logo of Ford is located in the middle. The hips and tail clearly show the characteristics of a personality SUV with solid embossed lines, 18-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels or a rear cornering shell ready to rescue in case of unexpected situations. doubt.

2012 Ford Everest possesses a modern, youthful appearance but still has strong lines

Everest generations are made from a very hard shell, high-grip and durable paint. Therefore, if you meet an old 2012 Everest that is carefully used by the owner, the car’s appearance will still be the same. The most easily worn part is the wheel, which is evident on any used car.

2012 Everest Furniture

2012 Ford Everest specifications in terms of size, with the figure length x width x height of 5,062 x 1,788 x 1,826 (mm), a wheelbase of 2,860mm gives the American SUV a spacious passenger space. . However, the 2012 Everest is not appreciated for the comfort of the third row, this detail in the latest generations has been better reworked by Ford.

The car has 2 felt seat options on 2 XLT 4 × 2, XLT 4 × 4 versions and leather upholstery for the most advanced Limited version. The first row of seats only allows manual adjustment, the second row is equipped with a fairly modern one-touch Synchronic folding system, both of these rows have extra leg room.

The car has extra legroom for the first and second row seats

The taplo board is designed simply, square, hard plastic cladding, silver plated, imitation leather are all durable, not easy to peel or deform. The details are arranged simply and intuitively, easy to get used to and use.

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Compared with other competitors of the same generation in 2012, experts in the evaluation of the old Everest 2012 car have a not so modern interior. The equipment is just enough to use, nothing more and no less. Audiovisual system is transmitted via CD player with 4 standard speakers, 2 air-conditioner with 3 air-conditioner and wind door create a comfortable feeling for all 7 passengers on the car. Although less modern, these systems are effective over a long period of use.

2012 Everest Engine Specifications

When buying an old 2012 Ford Everest car, many people wonder about the durability of the diesel engine block that this car owns. This is completely understandable because conventional diesel motorbikes bring true, powerful and economical driving feeling but the lifespan is not as high as gasoline engine.

However, Everest’s TDCi Turbo Diesel engine is manufactured under modern technology, so it comes with outstanding power (143 hp, 330Nm) which is amazingly durable. Many car owners said that over the past few years of regular use, the Everest engine has not shown any abnormalities. In all engine ranges, the sound from the mechanical details is still as smooth as the new car and especially, there is no black smoke.

Over a period of use, the 2012 Everest engine block still proved superior, no unusual phenomena occurred

The downside of 2012 Ford Everest is engine noise. From the moment the engine starts, the sound of the engine and the vibrations entering the vehicle is clear, but this is an inherent characteristic of oil motorcycles with high compression ratio and pressure. In terms of old cars, when placed next to a new diesel motorcycle, the explosion of Everest 2012 is still almost no different. This proves that this is a disadvantage on the Everest series and oil motorcycles in general, not only after the use of it.

In return, the ability to cross the terrain and strong traction of the Everest is indisputable. The drivers share the heavier the load, the smoother and quieter the car runs. With a durable engine block, the power of the car does not decline after a long time of use. However, that is provided that the car owner regularly maintains and takes care of the car properly.

Safety equipment Everest 2012

Fors Everest 2012 owns a sturdy chassis system with reinforced anti-collision bars to help protect the safety of passengers in the car. In addition, the car is fully equipped with airbags for the driver and passenger, with support from the anti-lock braking system ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBD …

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Should I buy the old 2012 Ford Everest?

The price of the old 2012 Ford Everest is now in the range of 600 million for the looks and quality is still good. The above price is not too different from the new car price, but with an SUV with a strong, durable engine with a youthful appearance, not afraid of fashion like the 2012 Everest, this is completely understandable.

2012 Ford Everest is an old SUV worth buying in the price range of 600 million

Through the assessment old car 2012 Ford Everest, we can explain the appeal of this old SUV. This is a worthy choice in the price range, suitable for the “men” who love to experience, often have to travel on the road and serve the needs of large loads. Although not as high in sales as the rival Toyota Fortuner, 2012 Ford Everest still deserves to be the strongest rival of Japanese SUV.

Kim Oanh

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