Should you buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition and why?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has just been released and if our test of the game is underway, we still wondered who this compilation is for and if it is worth buying.. Especially since it is sold at a high price, between 60 and 70 euros depending on your platform, which is not nothing and must be justified.

So already what is the Mass Effect Legendary Edition? It is neither more nor less than a compilation of remasters of the first 3 episodes of the Mass Effect saga, or in other words of the original trilogy featuring a certain Shepard. Released in 2007, 2010 and 2012 respectively, these three games are considered by many to be masterpieces of space opera and action-RPG, which have left their mark on the seventh generation of console.

In 2017, a spin-off called Andromeda released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and was to be the starting point for a new trilogy set in another part of the universe featuring different characters. Unfortunately, the title did not live up to the expectations, both of the players and of the specialized press, and the start of this new saga gradually fell into oblivion.

However. At the beginning of last December, the new Mass Effect was unveiled via a very short teaser during the Game Awards and announces a pleasing revival for the saga, and even if we will have to take our troubles patiently, Bioware prioritizing Dragon Age 4, we do not can only be enthusiastic to see the license return to the front of the stage soon.

Until then, we have the right to this compilation that is Mass Effect Legendary Edition and if we were initially quite dubious about its interest, especially at this price and if we already have the original trilogy, it is clear finally casually we were wrong. Indeed, many could find there a way to immerse themselves for the first time in the adventure or even to plunge again with pleasure.

Because we often forget that the first episode which launched the whole saga and which appeared in 2007 on Xbox 360, before being worn a few years later on PlayStation 3 and PC, has aged badly.. Whether from a graphic point of view, and we are talking more about technical achievement and not artistic direction, or in its gameplay, and in particular in terms of its gunfights, Mass Effect has become quite archaic.

Also, after having immersed ourselves for a few hours in the remaster of this first game, one observation was obvious: what a joy to rediscover this title with an updated graphic coating and especially a modernized gameplay. Because this is the main interest of this compilation, to have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of Mass Effect, while avoiding the few pitfalls of the past.

We will not hide it from you, the gunfights of the first game were neither very dynamic, nor super pleasant to handle, so when Bioware announced that it had reworked very precisely this aspect of the game, we said to ourselves that it could worth a look. So yes, the interface has been redesigned, the grip relaxed, the camera reworked and we are getting a little closer to what the suites offered.

Admittedly, we are far from the level of Mass Effect 2 and 3, but it is impossible for us to deny that the comfort of handling is real and contrasts radically with the experience offered today by the original title, which nevertheless retains a certain charm for lovers of the license. But needless to say, if you’re new to this amazing adventure, this Legendary Edition is the place to be.

Technically, we are taking a step forward. Lighting, textures, resolution and framerate have all received a more than welcome big polish. It is also quite remarkable, especially at the level of the character models which seem much less dated and even if we remain very far from current standards, and more or less sequels, we can only take our hat off to the made work.

As for the other two episodes, the changes are certainly present, but less remarkable, probably also because they have aged much better. Mass Effect 3 for example, is quite similar to what we knew, the 4K resolution in addition necessarily. But in 1080p it’s all the same except for a few details and we would have liked perhaps a little more ambition on the second and third opus.

The question arises as to who is Mass Effect Legendary Edition for. To early fans? To neophytes? To the many players who have only made the last two entries? Well finally a little to all these beautiful people.

Fans will enjoy re-immersing themselves in Shepard’s adventures and rediscovering a first episode that had really aged; neophytes will thus be able to get started in more optimal conditions and on their current machines; and the others will finally be able to ignore the overly pronounced archaism of Mass Effect, especially when one comes out of its sequels.

Still, the price is undoubtedly a little exaggerated and even if it means bringing the Mass Effect up to date, wouldn’t it have been more daring and wise to make a real remake of it? Perhaps it would have been necessary to take an example from Mafia which recently proposed a compilation of the three episodes, with in particular a real and very good remake of the first episode, a nice remaster of the second and a complete edition for the third, too recent to have the right to an overhaul, however slight it may be.


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