Should you buy a Corona mid-season health air purifier?
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Should you buy a Corona mid-season health air purifier?

Using an air purifier in the face of the Corona virus disease situation is essential. However, many people are skeptical whether to buy air purifiers to improve their health? If you have not found the correct answer, please read the article below with Phong Vu!

1. Where should I use air purifier?

For a healthy, healthy living environment, here are the places to use the air purifier daily. As follows:

1.1 Humid environment, near water bodies

These are areas with high pollution risk. In particular, the more humid the environment, the more bacteria and mold thrive. Using air purifiers in this environment is the best way to remove pollution, dirt, bacteria … Especially some types of air purifiers have built-in features that catch mosquitoes very effectively.

1.2 The environment is dusty and densely populated

Smoke pollution in our country is at an alarming level. Especially, in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, .. there are many densely populated people with few trees. The amount of heavy traffic will cause smog pollution. Garbage odor, water pollution, … are all leading causes of respiratory diseases. The use of air purifiers will create healthy ions, effectively purifying the air.

Dense residential environment, smog, … should use air purifiers (Source:

2. Benefits of air purifiers

Should buy air purifier to improve health? The answer is definitely yes. Almost genuine air purifier models can now kill 99% of bacteria. With HEPA filter, the product gives the ability to filter micro dust just 0.3 micrometres. In addition, the activated carbon filter effectively removes cigarettes, toxic fumes and food odors. The more advanced air purifiers also can filter pollen, mold particles that the naked eye can hardly see. Certainly when using the air purifier you and your family will always enjoy the freshest, most relaxed living space.

Using an air purifier is the best way to get rid of bacteria and smog.

3. Should buy air purifier protect health?

In the face of environmental pollution, the Corona virus disease is complicated, in addition to seriously wearing masks, disinfecting hand hygiene, air purification is also an effective way to prevent pathogenic bacteria. Currently, there are many brands producing genuine, quality air purifiers such as Panasonic, Xiaomi, Sharp, …

If customers are disturbed do not know Should you buy an air purifier? you can be assured of the quality and great benefits that this product brings. In particular, the current air purifier series is quite diverse both in design style, compact size, does not take up the area but helps to enhance the luxurious and modern beauty for the bedroom, living room, home. kitchen, car …

Every family should buy an air purifier product to improve their health (Source:

4. Top 3 best air purifier products in 2020

4.1 Panasonic air purifier F-PXJ30A

For a long time, Panasonic has been famous as a brand specializing in producing prestigious home appliances and electronics. In particular, Panasonic air purifier F-PXJ30A is highly appreciated by consumers for design and features. With Nanoe deodorizing technology, the device gives the ability to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 4 hours of operation. The filter is specially equipped with Super Nano deodorant technology, which quickly eliminates odors, food odors, cigarette smoke.

Panasonic air purifier F-PXJ30A

4.2 Air Shot Ommi Apot air purifier

Made from Korea, Air Shot Ommi Apot air purifier brings a new experience to the user. The device uses Nano filter, which removes many kinds of microscopic dust particles. Compact, modern design brings elegance and sophistication to the family space.

Air Shot Ommi Apot air purifier removes many kinds of microscopic dust particles.

4.3 Sharp mosquito air purifier FP-JM30V-B

Products are manufactured using modern and advanced technology of the Sharp brand – the leading research, development and production of consumer goods, household appliances, and electronics in Japan. Using Sharp FP-JM30V-B has the effect of purifying the air, eliminating dust and smoke, as well as helping to prevent and repel mosquitoes effectively. The most special feature of the product is the coarse dust filter, activated carbon filter that removes odors quickly.

Sharp air filter catches FP-JM30V-B

Hopefully, this article has helped readers answer their questions Should you buy an air purifier? for family or not. Currently, new and genuine air purifier products are on sale in Phong Vu. Customers can access the website directly: To experience many genuine electronics products, good prices.


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