Should you buy a 2015 Kia Rondo?

Should you buy a 2015 Kia Rondo?

With the question of whether to buy an old 2015 Rondo car, users rated the old Kia Rondo 2015 with many advantages but also many shortcomings.

A general introduction to the 2015 Kia Rondo

Kia Rondo 2015 is a model from Korea, launched in Vietnam in 2015. In the Vietnamese car market, 2015 Kia Rondo models are introduced with 3 different versions including the G – AT version, D – AT, G – Premium. 2015 Kia Rondo was introduced into Vietnam to replace the Kia Caren car that was sold quite well in the previous period. In essence, the 2015 Kia Rondo version is a new version of the Caren model with a completely new design. Kia Rondo 2015 is modernly designed, equipped with more advanced safety features than the previous version.

The 2015 Kia Rondo is designed to replace the Kia Carens

When it was first launched in the Vietnamese market, the selling price of the 2015 Kia Rondo was relatively high. Because this car is distributed in our country in the form of imported complete units. So far, Kia Rondo 2015 has been launched in Vietnam for 3 years, but basically it is still considered relatively durable. However, due to the using process, it is inevitable that some parts of the car will still be affected and no longer look like new. Here are some car reviews car cu 2015 Kia Rondo.

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Exterior Rondo 2015

In terms of design, the old 2015 Kia Rondo is considered to be an impressive design with a modern European luxury style compared to the old version. Comparing the 2015 Kia Rondo specifications in terms of size, this model has a much better design than its predecessor, the Kia Carens.

The overall dimensions of the Kia Caren in length x width x height correspond to 4,545 x 1,800 x 1,650mm and the wheelbase is 2,700mm and the ground clearance is 156mm. The corresponding size of the old 2015 Kia Rondo is 4,525 x 1,085 x 1,610mm and the wheelbase is 2,750mm and the ground clearance is 151mm. Thus, the old 2015 Kia Rondo has a longer wheelbase and a lower ground clearance compared to the Caren, which increases the road holding capacity better.

The front end of the car is equipped with a modern lighting system to help the driver see more clearly while running in poor lighting conditions. For the high-end version, the car is equipped with Xenon lamps, while the rest versions are equipped with Halogen Projector lights. All versions are equipped with automatic headlights and modern LED daytime running lights.

Exterior of the old Kia Rondo 2015 is considered luxurious and modern

The body of the car stands out with the rearview mirror system with the function of adjustment, electric folding and integrated turn signal lights. In addition, the car is also equipped with an automatic rain wiper system. According to consumer reviews, after 3 years of use, the old 2015 Kia Rondo basically retains a relatively new paint color. However, the body paint color and some details of the car showing signs of deterioration are no longer as new as appear some scratches on the body or the door handle is faded, …

The rear end does not change much from the old 2014 Kia ​​Rondo version. The taillights are neatly designed, eye-catching and impressive for the tail. The license plate position is still located in the trunk opening, above is the Kia brand name which is plated with shiny chrome to create luxury.

Thus, in terms of the exterior of the old Kia Rondo 2015 after 3 years of use, it is considered to be relatively durable, with less scratches. However, the ground clearance of the old Kia Rondo 2015 is lower than that of the previous generation, so it is limited to the ability to climb the sidewalk or wade.

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2015 Rondo Furniture

According to user reviews, interior Kia Rondo 2015 has a completely impressive change. The width of the car is increased, making the interior space more spacious and airy, and the space for furniture also increases significantly. The car’s interior space is designed with wide doors and low floors to help users easily step into the rear seats. However, the downside of the old 2015 Kia Rondo is that the third row of seats is designed a bit small, so the big people sitting will not be very comfortable.

The steering wheel is covered with premium leather with 3 driving mode options to help the operator customize it to suit the circumstances and conditions of his or her traffic. In terms of comfortable equipment, the old Kia Rondo 2015 is invested in a lot of modern equipment such as high-quality leather seats, headlights and automatic rain-wiper system … The driver’s seat is equipped with 10-way electric adjustment. and the rearview mirror in the car is equipped with anti-glare to help the driver more easily observe and control the vehicle. The car is also equipped with an automatic 2-zone air conditioning system that helps with fast, deep cooling and wind doors in the rear seats.

Interior space of Kia Rondo 2015 is comfortable

The entertainment system of the old Kia Rondo 2015 is also quite modern with a DVD player with an 8-inch touch screen, with bluetooth connectivity, USB, AUX and a 6-speaker audio system, … According to the assessment. In general, after a period of use, the old 2015 Kia Rondo has revealed a number of disadvantages such as some car interior parts using plastic and leather that are easily scratched and discolored no longer retain the shine. as before. There is a storage compartment inside the car, but there is no lock, making it inconvenient and not tidy. In addition, if the car uses the third row of seats, the luggage compartment is somewhat limited.

2015 Rondo Engine Specifications

The old 2015 Kia Rondo is equipped with two types of engines: petrol and oil. All versions of the old 2015 Kia Rondo are used front-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic transmission. The G-Premium and G-AT versions use a 2.0L petrol engine system, 4 cylinders in line to produce a maximum capacity of up to 150 horsepower and maximum torque of 194 Nm. Diesel engine version 1.7L capacity, 4 cylinders in line to help produce maximum capacity of 135 horsepower and maximum torque of 320Nm.

The old Kia Rondo 2015 is equipped with 3 driving modes and an electric power steering system that helps the car to operate more strongly and stably. In addition, the old 2015 Kia Rondo is also equipped with ECO fuel consumption control mode for maximum fuel economy.

Performance of Kia Rondo 2015 is quite stable and durable

In terms of engine system and performance, users rated the 2015 Kia Rondo as a relatively stable and durable car. However, the diesel engine is somewhat more prominent than the petrol engine in terms of acceleration. The rear part of the car is stiff and bumpy, so the cornering and acceleration ability is poor and unstable. In addition, the soundproofing of the old 2015 Kia Rondo is relatively good, but the diesel version is rated worse than the petrol version.

After 3 years of use, according to some users, the old 2015 Kia Rondo’s engine system is still relatively powerful and stable compared to competitors in the same segment. But after a period of use, when the machine wears out, the power of the engine also has some influence, the machine no longer runs as powerful and smooth as new. At the same time the ability to consume more fuel than before. Soundproofing is not as good as new.

2015 Rondo safety equipment

The old Kia Rondo 2015 is fully equipped with standard safety features to give users peace of mind while driving. The 2015 Kia Rondo is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, a 4-wheel disc brake system, a 6-airbag system. In addition, the car is also equipped with electronic balance system, electric power steering, … Evaluation of the old Kia Rondo 2015 in terms of safety equipment, the car is quite fully equipped with many modern features compared to other segment competitors. That is why users can be completely assured of the safety of the car when running on difficult roads.

Should I buy a used 2015 Kia Rondo?

Currently, the price of the old Kia Rondo 2015 is sold in the market with many different prices. Depending on the version, the new old condition, the level of use of the vehicle, there will be a specific price in accordance with the quality and value of the vehicle. Specifically, in the old car market, the old Kia Rondo 2015 prices range from 500 to 600 million dong.

Thus, if you have a need to buy a 7-seat car for less than 600 million, the old Kia Rondo 2015 will be an attractive suggestion. With the equipment equipped with comfort and safety features acquired on the old Kia Rondo 2015, the price of about 600 is completely worth it. However, the choice of whether to buy the old 2015 Kia Rondo 2015 depends on the preferences, needs and purposes of the user. Because currently on the market there are many options for customers to buy a 7-seat used car.

The price of old Kia Rondo 2015 ranges from 512 to 645 million VND

The old 2015 Kia Rondo is suitable for those who tend to use a vehicle with high durability and stability and like the ability to keep the price of the car if resold. In addition, the old Kia Rondo 2015 is also suitable for those who have a tendency to use commercial vehicles or for families with safety, comfort and modernity.

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