Should we use Avira Free or Avast Free to remove viruses?

Should we use Avira Free or Avast Free to remove viruses?

The current free anti-virus software is still enough to keep your system functioning properly and avoid malware attacks, although it is limited in some features, it is still a number choice. once you have to spend a lot of money to buy the license to use.

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However, you will be confused when choosing which anti-virus software to install on your computer, the following article ElectrodealPro will help you choose one of the two reliable and trusted software. that is Avira Free and Avast Free

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Should use anti-virus software Avira Free good Avast Free

Avira Free Antivirus

The advantage of this anti-virus software is that it is light, takes up less resources of the computer, is quite strong in preventing spyware thanks to its real-time protection mechanism, timely warning of dangerous links to users cannot access, prevent tracking users in online services, and the software also offers 5Gb users for online storage.

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The downside of this software is that it does not scan email messages (Email), only removes and repairs, and does not have the ability to isolate them when detecting Virus.

Download and install anti-virus software Avira Free

Avast Free Antivirus

The advantage of this software is light, occupies less computer resources, relatively fast scanning speed, powerful ability to find and remove Viruses, and provides users with real-time protection for the computer. your computer is free from malware and other Internet threats.

In addition, Avast Free Antivirus has an Anti-spam feature that blocks malicious codes sent with Email, Firewall Firewall against the intrusion of hackers and hackers, Remote assistance accessing remote computers … And many other features. also helps Avast Free Antivirus to eliminate malicious software well.

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The downside of the software is its slow ability to update new Viruses and although it is free, users still have to register to receive a free usage code within a year, after expiration, users must register again.

Download some antivirus software to install Avast Free
Conclude: Through here, users also somewhat know the advantages and disadvantages of the two softwares in order to decide which software to use properly. As for me personally, choose software Avast Free Antivirus.


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