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Should use cloud or removable hard drive?

I encountered this question on my friend’s Facebook, and I see that many of you are freaking out about this service, so you should share a little from your experience. The short answer is to use both, each with its own purpose.

Save anything to the cloud

The characteristics of the cloud are not large capacity (such as removable hard drives), in addition to affecting the speed of the Internet, so I will usually save small and light things on the cloud. Below is how I am using a combination of cloud services.

  • Picture: iPhone automatically backs up to iCloud, Android phones automatically back up to Google Photos
  • Document: these are extremely important things, life and death are not lost, I save them to Dropbox (you can use Google Drive, OneDrive instead). These include Word files, Excel files, identity cards, passports, corporate documents …
  • Programming code files: I do not save code on Dropbox, instead on Gitlab or Github depending on the project, because they are created exclusively for the storage, distribution and tracking of code changes. Brothers who do programming should use
  • Other things are less than 100MB each file: I threw everything to Dropbox

On the one hand, it’s always on my computer, on the other hand it’s always backed up to the cloud, any changes I accidentally play around can go back to the previous stable version thanks to Dropbox’s History feature. (OneDrive, Google Drive is also full).

One thing I don’t use for file storage is iCloud. For me, iCloud is just a place to back up iPhone photos, documents and everything else I do not trust iCloud due to the unstable use of the first time, sync speed is also boring, and the function of retrieving editing history files that are difficult to use and more difficult to share files with others.

Save anything to a removable hard drive

The external hard drive, both HDD and SSD, has a large capacity, so I will save the video files recorded from the phone, save the videos after editing, save the MKV movies I download … These are in the form of not too important, if lost, it still does not affect significantly (because I am worried that the hard drive might be corrupted halfway, the stored data will be lost, it is difficult or very expensive to recover). In return it has fast file transfer speed, you can empty your computer instead of saving these huge huge files on your PC.

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The above file types are very large, if you put all on the cloud, the cost will be very high. It can be done but not without, but for me it is unnecessary cost. Imagine a 4K video after editing has a capacity of 3-4GB, uploading to the cloud is about 20 clips is all gone : D

In terms of stability and reliability, I only trust the cloud because it has many servers, constantly backed up, not to mention having backups between servers, which we can not do at home with the drive. stiff. Not to mention stealing into the house to take away the hard drive, it would be a waste.

Hopefully some of these shared lines will help you know when to use which one.

duyluandethuong@gmail.com (Duy Luân)

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