Should the Start / Stop kit be installed for cars?

Should the Start / Stop kit be installed for cars?

For vehicles not equipped with the Start / Stop Engine, should they be installed?

Benefits of installing the Start / Stop Engine

The Start / Stop Engine set offers features and convenient features for users.

Safe and versatile features

The first thing that car users are concerned about is the installation of additional equipment for the car to ensure safety for people sitting in the car or not? With the Start / Stop system, you can rest assured use because this is a common anti-theft device today for cars.

This is an effective anti-theft deviceThis is an effective anti-theft device

When installing the Start / Stop device on the vehicle, the vehicle user must remove the traditional lock and the button will be replaced in that position. This trend is more and more used when insecurity, cracking phenomenon and sophisticated tricks to break into the car occur as much as today. The installation of this smart key means that only the car owner can unlock the car and the only way is to use the Start / Stop set. In addition, other unlocking methods are disabled.

Not only has the function of unlocking, the Start / Stop set is also integrated with a multi-function control system, made up of many buttons on the key with different functions such as: start – shutdown and alarm when an intruder, turn on – off the vehicle, open the trunk, find the car in the yard if you do not remember the location … Currently, the Start / Stop has many new and unique versions. and more comfortable, suitable for all vehicles.

The Start / Stop set has various functionsThe Start / Stop set has various functions

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Aesthetic and convenient features

Besides the convenience that surely every car user wants, the Smart Start / Stop Engine key is also very eye-catching and highly aesthetic. On the control button, the light system with different colors can be changed and classified according to each specific use: a red color indicates that the vehicle is in anti-theft mode, a green color means the vehicle is in use. normal operation … The Start / Stop unit is compact and easy to maintain. They are exactly like an electronic key and can be stored in a bag or pocket in casual clothes.

Smart key Start / Stop Engine has high aestheticSmart key Start / Stop Engine has high aesthetic

Other advantages

Smart lock device Start / Stop is quite durable and long warranty period at prestigious facilities. Products are priced at a common level. With a range of 1-2 million you can own the Start / Stop set for your box driver. If you invest more, you can choose the slightly more expensive lines and of course the quality and warranty will be better. But overall, the price of this smart key is quite reasonable.

The price is not too high to use

The price is not too high to use

It is an electronic device, but the Start / Stop smart key only uses a low amount of electricity and can be turned off automatically. This helps to ensure safety for the car as well as save battery power for the battery. This is also the smart key line designed for many different vehicles. And most current cars are equipped with this device to ensure safety and convenience for users.

Cons when Install the Start / Stop Engine

Besides the advantages, the smart key also has some limitations that users need to know. Many people still wonder if the use of the Start / Stop smart key will affect the electrical system of the vehicle. This is of course yes, and more specifically the car’s ignition system.

When installing the Start / Stop set for the vehicle, the technical staff will have to draw power from the mechanical lock system to replace it with this smart lock set. Then the mechanical lock will not work anymore and want to start the engine, you must press the button to explode. The installation of this system for vehicles also needs to be carefully considered. Because these are small details, it is necessary to be highly meticulous. If the technical staff is not professional and careful, it is easy to happen unexpected incidents such as electric shock, fire …

Smart key should be carefully installed to avoid errorsSmart key should be carefully installed to avoid errors

Another limitation of the Start / Stop smart key system that many people must have encountered. It’s that you accidentally forgot the key somewhere and couldn’t open the car door. If using a normal mechanical key, forgetting or losing the key can be overcome with a primary key. But for the smart key, that’s a whole problem. Start / Stop set is small in size so it is easy to lose. Therefore, car users need to be careful to avoid difficult situations.


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In addition, the unfortunate touch of the buttons on the smart key is also a hassle. Of course there will always be a solution, but you should also limit this, it’s best to keep the key in a neat area, avoiding bags and pockets will be very easy to collide that you did not anticipate … Installing the key Smart start / stop lock for cars is a common trend nowadays. Depending on the actual conditions and situation, vehicle users should carefully study the equipment before deciding to install it to get the best performance.

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