Should Russia be worried about this?

Should Russia be worried about this?

The hot heads are anti-Russia

On December 14, 2020, when the US electors voted to confirm the victory for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a cyber attack was carried out against Chinh’s network. US government.

While President Donald Trump announced on his personal twitter page: “The cyber attack on the media is much bigger than it actually is,” Biden immediately warned that he would take action after taking office. .

American politicians from both Democrats and Republicans have appealed for retaliation against accusations against Russia. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the first to accuse Russia of being behind the cyberattack, while Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois said the attack was almost a declaration of war against the United States.

Should Russia worry about this?
The Americans tried to accuse Russia of cyberattacks

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, from Florida and the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted that the US had to retaliate, adding that the sanctions were not enough. He told reporters it was an act of war. Democrat Jason Crow compared the cyber attack to Pearl Harbor, implying that the US could and should attack several Russian cities as it did with Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Analysts believe that the US may retaliate, and this is a good reason for Russia to worry. According to the New York Times, in 2019, the US launched an unprecedented cyberattack against Russia’s electrical grid. It was retaliation for Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election following the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Recently, the US has imposed new sanctions on a series of advanced Russian industrial sectors, including the Russian National Atomic Energy Group Rosatom and the company Progress specializing in manufacturing United missiles. (Soyuz). The Western-dominated sports arbitration court ruled that Russia would not be able to use its country name, flag and national anthem at the next two Olympics or at any world championships in the next two years. Before that, the US closed their two consulates in Russia, leaving only the embassy in the capital Moscow. The embassy may also be closed or reduced due to its constant interference in Russia’s internal affairs.

Should Russia worry about this?
Every path of America and the West leads to … punish Russia

According to analysts, Russia could feel threatened and besieged the same way as the Soviet Union, even though Russia previously withdrew from dozens of countries including East Germany and the Baltic states and had fulfilled all desires. of anti-Soviet politicians since 1991. This is judged to be unfair because Russia has accepted Western views on many matters such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the lunar landings. , the program against climate change …

Currently, Russia also endorses the European (and Mr. Biden’s) approach to the COVID-19 crisis. Russia believes that vaccines are a useful and necessary tool, having started the mass vaccination campaign in early December. The only difference is that Putin favors Russian vaccines, which, according to the UNZ site, are cheaper, easier to handle, and generally better and safer than vaccines from the pharmaceutical firms Pfizer and Moderna. Famous American director and screenwriter Oliver Stone chose to use the Russian vaccine.

The West makes excuses?

According to the UNZ site, Russian President Putin is much softer toward the West, but he is still blamed for things the West doesn’t like. All his actions were met with American opposition. The example given is that the US, along with France and a number of other countries, sought to sabotage the armistice agreement in Russian-mediated Nagorny Karabak.

The website also claims that Germany has opened a Second Front against Russia. While it took the US three years to open the Second Front against Germany in 1944, this time the Germans did not wait a day. Germany has repeated British claims that Russia used banned chemical weapons worldwide.

Should Russia worry about this?
Russian President V. Putin was “soft” with the West

In 2018, Britain announced that the Russian Army Intelligence Service (GRU) had poisoned the double agent Skripal with a nerve agent banned from the use of Novichok, a weapon of mass destruction believed to be released by the Soviet Union. intelligence. The UNZ calls this a myth, now known as “fake news”, since it is impractical to use weapons of mass destruction against a person with such meager results (father and son). the Skripal family survived the attack).

According to the UNZ, the British did so to lure the Chemical Weapons Ban Organization (OPCW) in and to accuse the Russians of not only committing murder, but also committing serious war crimes, thereby turning an founding member of the United Nations and also a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations into a “rogue” state.

Accordingly, the Germans repeated the British script by taking advantage of the poisoning of opposition character Alexei Navalny. The accusation is directed at the Russian leader and the Russian Federal Security Agency (FSB) – a Russian organization equivalent to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also with Novichok poison. This time, OPCW continued to be dragged into the incident.

However, no reports of the military laboratories were published or passed on to Russian officials. Although Russia is a member of the OPCW, Germany has made its own rules not to forward military reports to Russia.

Should Russia worry about this?
Is the West using OPCW in “ridiculous” allegations of Russia?

UNZ also assessed that Navalny character “set up” an FSB agent is a “funny” story. Despite the absurdities, the Navalny story and the Skripal case could be used to further undermine Russia’s international standing.

Earlier this week, speaking at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Russia’s First Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky urged all countries interested in the proper and effective operation of the OPCW to work together against re-politicization of this organization. “OPCW is seriously ill. This disease is politicization. Those who ignore this only exacerbate the state of the problem,” said Polyansky.

Mr. Polyansky affirmed that OPCW is not “healthy” and called on all countries to restore “health” to this organization. Polyansky stressed that Russia “firmly condemns the use of chemical weapons regardless of who the culprit is and for this reason, Moscow wants to see the OPCW do its job”. According to Russian officials, “this organization is being turned into a tool of political manipulation and suppression”.

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