Should nano coating for car driving glasses or not?

Should nano coating for car driving glasses or not?

With advertisements that bring many great benefits, nano-driving car glass is currently very popular. However, the fact that nano coating for glass can work as effectively as expected?

Nano coating – what is nano coating technology?

Nano coating or nano coating is a solution made up of nanometer-sized particles. Because of this microscopic size, the atoms on the surface when coating will occupy a high proportion, dense distribution and tighter connection. This creates a vastly different surface effect than coating solutions in the form of blocks larger than nanometers.

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Because of its small size, nano coatings will account for a high proportion, dense distribution and more tightnessBecause of its small size, nano coatings will account for a high proportion, dense distribution and more tightness

Nano technology for driving car glass uses specialized nano solution to cover the surface of the driving glass with a thin film. The particles in the nano-coating solution have a microscopic structure, in the form of transparent, tight and dense grip on the driving glass. This nano coating takes on the role of protecting the surface of the steering glass, creating a fluid-repellent effect similar to the “lotus leaf”.

In nano coating solution for specialized auto glass, there are usually 4 basic components. The first is a plastic or polymer that helps connect to form a thin film to cover the glass. Next comes solvents like some organic matter or water. Next is Pigments which are UV resistant, hold the surface, create hardness to form a super smooth surface to resist water and dirt. Finally, some additives to help protect the driving glass, prevent erosion.

Should nano coating for car driving glasses?

Not only in the manufacture of nano coated glass, but today nano coating technology is widely applied. The most typical is nano glass coating in high-rise buildings. Almost all glass surfaces in all high-rise buildings are now covered with nano nano in order to limit the dirt, reduce the frequency of cleaning. Similarly, nano coating for car glass is equally effective.

What are the benefits of nano coating on the glass?

  • Limiting water retention – protecting vision

When nano coating the glass, a smooth “lotus leaf” effect will form. Accordingly, the water and dirt particles will be difficult to cling to the steering glass. If driving in the rain, water will be hard to collect on the glass. In particular, instead of spreading water, creating a translucent film on the glass, the water will collect into particles, into streams. Water droplets and currents may slip off or be splashed off the glass surface by wind. Mud, dirt, grease … are also treated similarly.

Water collects into particles, stream instead of spreadingWater collects into particles, stream instead of spreading

According to many experts, nanotechnology for automotive glass helps limit up to 60% – 70% of water and dirt on the glass. Covering the glass with nano glass helps to prevent stagnant water, minimizing the situation that the driving glass is wet, fuzzy, blurry, obstructing the driver’s vision. Nanotechnology covered by auto glass contributes to a significant improvement, giving the driver a clearer, brighter vision, especially when the vehicle is moving in bad weather conditions or roads dusty, mud .

When nano-coated, it will be difficult for water to build up or remain on the steering glass for longWhen nano-coated, it will be difficult for water to build up or remain on the steering glass for long

Not only water-repellent, the effect of “lotus leaf” when nano-coated driving glass is evaluated to have the “effective” support for cleaning the windshield wipers. By coating nano glass, the surface of the steering glass will be more smooth, making the lever operate smoothly, lovingly and easily. From there, enhance pushing clean, glass surface clean. On the other hand, nano coating of car glass also helps to limit the frequency of wiper operation when driving at speeds above 60 km / h, because at this time the amount of water on the steering glass has been significantly reduced.

  • Protect the steering glass surface

In addition to waterproofing, nano coating for cars also protects the glass surface. In the past, glass washes and wiper blades often came in direct contact with the surface of a car glass, more or less in the long run will also cause glass wear. In particular, if used old rain wiper, degraded wiper will not only accelerate the abrasion process, but can also scratch glass. In addition, spraying high-pressure water jets straight into the glass when washing the car also causes more or less harm to the life of the driving glass.

However, when nano coating the steering glass, the coating will act as a comprehensive glass protective film. Experts evaluated that the glass nano coating of the car glass has good abrasion resistance, supports scratching the glass due to the impact of external impacts. The coating also withstands high pressures, even when spraying car washes.

Nano coating creates a comprehensive protective glass shieldNano coating creates a comprehensive protective glass shield

In particular, the nano coating also helps prevent the driving glass from being oxygenated by exposure to rainwater. By this time, the driving glass was covered with a protective layer, preventing the harmful effects of rain water, mud and glass cleaning solutions.

What are the disadvantages of nano coating for glass?

Currently, most types of nano-coated glass solutions are imported from abroad, so the cost of coating is quite high. According to many garage owners specializing in automotive glass nano coating, the cheap nano coating solution is also available, but “the cheaper the price, the more additives will be mixed, the effectiveness when coating will not be high, coating life is also not durable ”. Therefore, if you want to get a nano coating for the driving glass to achieve the desired effect, users have to pay a small fee.

Cheap nano coating is often not effectiveCheap nano coating is often not effective

On the other hand, the products covered by nano driving glass are very diverse. In addition to branded products, providing clear source information, manufacturers, there are also many floating items, unknown origin. This causes a lot of concern for users when they do not know where to choose or buy nano coating.

The manufacturer said that the life of a nano glass coating usually ranges from 1 to 2 years, although the car is used more or less. After this time, users have to go back to the new class. To extend the life of the nano coating, users are recommended to regularly maintain the coating, while limiting the use of high-frequency rain wiper.

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Although there are disadvantages, but it cannot be denied that automotive glass nano coating technology brings a lot of practical benefits. In particular, the “lotus leaf” effect with water repellency is considered to be very effective, helping the driver to have an optimal view when driving in the rain. Therefore, despite the high cost, it is worth thinking that spending this money in exchange for a protection of vision, above all for protecting your own safety, is worth it.

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