Should insulation film for cars?

Should insulation film for cars?

There are advantages and disadvantages of automotive window films, which are effective and durable?

In the summer, especially with the country with a hot and humid climate like in Vietnam, the hot weather is always an obsession when going out. Although driving a car, with air conditioning, the intense heat can still penetrate the glass, causing discomfort to the driver as well as the people sitting in the car. To solve this problem, it is considered to use insulation film for cars to partly reduce the heat as well as the obsession with light that causes glare, obstructing the driver’s vision.

Insulating film is considered an effective glare reduction solution
Insulating film is considered an effective glare reduction solution

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Film insulation benefits what?

In fact, most cars today use white glass because the effect of wind and rain is quite good and can observe the outside scenery clearly. However, the use of white glasses has a drawback that it is not sunscreen. Ultraviolet and infrared rays can penetrate this white glass into the vehicle. In addition, white glass also has less bearing capacity than other types of glass. According to the actual survey shows that most cars now use white glass because this glass is good for wind and rain shielding, sitting in cars to cover the entire outside area but there are some limitations. like the blinding sun and the bad place.

Sunlight is the obsession of many drivers
Sunlight is the obsession of many drivers

Sunlight through the glass into the car affects the visibility of the driver. Some women do not like to sit in bright white glass cars. Ultraviolet, infrared skewers. Even this glass is poor strength, easy to impact. In addition, using white glass for the car sometimes loses privacy as outsiders can also look inside the vehicle through this white glass. Because of these reasons, people use insulation films for cars to both block the harsh sunlight, and reduce the temperature when the weather is hot, but also privacy. In addition, blocking sunlight into cars is also a way to preserve the life of objects and interior equipment inside the vehicle.

Insulation films currently have many different models and types. Most of them act as 50% of the sun’s heat, blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays – one of the leading causes of skin cancer. The film also has the ability to limit the blinding effect to the driver’s vision, reducing the temperature in the car. In particular, the film attaches tightly to the surface of the glass, does not cause splinters to splinter into pieces when unfortunately there is an incident causing glass breakage.

Insulation films can prevent 50% of the heat from the sun
Insulation films can prevent 50% of the heat from the sun

Does window film insulation affect visibility?

Besides the typical advantages, the film also has a limitation that affects the visibility of the driver. To overcome this limitation, experts recommend the use of good thermal insulation film, which has both high light penetration and still prevents the harmful agents from sitting in the car. Most current types of insulating films have a light penetration of at least 50% in accordance with safety standards.

For the safest and most effective insulation film, what should be noted?

Each location has its own type of insulation film

Locations that need to be insulated for cars include: driving glass, rib glass, rear view mirror. Each location has its own characteristics, so depending on the part, we will have options to choose insulation films effectively.

Driving glass

The driving glass is the glass in front of the driver. This glass is important because it directly affects the visibility of the driver. At this location, it is necessary to select a dedicated insulating film for the driving glass. Insulating film for the driving glass needs to ensure high insulation, brightness and visibility for drivers (visible to the naked eye and bright color and light transmission range from 60-70%). The characteristic of the driving glass is that the curved glass surface should be skilled when gluing insulation films, adjusting the dryer so that the film is stuck to the glass surface to make sure.

Insulating film for driving glass should ensure light transmission of 60 - 70%
Insulating film for driving glass should ensure light transmission of 60 – 70%
Rib glasses

Ribs are side windows, which are located on either side of the door near the driver. Therefore, this position also helps the driver to look in the rearview mirror to observe the vehicles on both sides and behind his vehicle. Ribs need light transmission not too high, only from 15 – 35%. Film insulation for glass at the position of the passenger behind the vehicle should have a dark color, creating a pleasant feeling and not dazzling.

Insulation films for rib glasses are usually dark in color
Insulation films for rib glasses are usually dark in color

Rear view mirror is behind the car. This glass is similar to a steering glass that has a curvature and the sun shines directly when driving in the afternoon. Compared to the driving glass and rib glass, the film for the rear window glass is not too fussy but it must not be ignored. Should choose a good quality film to ensure the temperature in the car is always stable and balanced. It is often convenient to choose a dark-colored automobile window insulating film.

As with rib glasses, rear window film is usually darker, even darker than ribbed
As with rib glasses, rear window film is usually darker, even darker than ribbed

Can see, at each location of the car has its own characteristics suitable for each type of glass. Please consult and consult at the service center as well as the user experience to choose a good and quality insulation film as well as a aesthetic for the car. One thing to do when choosing insulation film is that you should carefully review the specifications of each film code corresponding to each position on the car. Choose insulation films with clear origins, so you will be assured to use them for a long time without worrying about problems such as peeling, fading, etc.

Not all insulation films work

Not all types of insulation films are allowed. You may not believe it, but if you look closely, you will find this to be completely grounded. Some parts of the world have explicit rules regarding what films are allowed and not allowed to be used to insulate cars. Find out carefully from service centers, maintenance companies or specialized companies on insulation film so as not to have trouble using them.

Currently on the market there are 2 common types of insulation film. Alloy films are effective against heat and bring privacy to your “driver”, while non-reflective films are commonly used in some vehicles such as vans or yachts. You should also pay a little attention to the color of insulation films. On the market today there are some popular colors for movies such as copper, cockroach wings, yellow, gray. The interesting thing is that you do not need to choose the right color for your car, so the laminator has the ability to adjust the color to suit your car. This is very convenient, right?

Automotive insulation films come in many different colors
Automotive insulation films come in many different colors

There is another note for insulating film on the windshield. Of course it should be done because the position of the glass is the direct sunlight that shines on if you go against the sun. However, you should learn a little bit more carefully because in some places, the insulating film for glass can make you become a violator of traffic safety laws.

Some popular lines of insulation film:

  • V-kool: Some popular brands of insulating film of this brand are 40, 70, X75, and K37. Each of the above films has its own features and uses, suitable for many different types of car glass.
  • 3M: 3M film suitable for those who are used to control the car at night because the reflection in the outside of the film is quite low so the visibility is also quite clear. However, 3M is currently being counterfeited a lot, customers should find the right official and reputable distributor.
  • Johnson: This is a genuine American product and is popularly used by car owners for their “pet” because they have special features of up to 98% thermal insulation and UV protection. 99% but the price is quite reasonable.

Insulating film must conform to technical standards

The workmanship of a laminator has a great influence on the quality of the film when used. Paste film is not a simple problem, so it needs a very skilled, skillful, careful and meticulous person. When pasting films, the technician must use the right special tools for film laminating and pressing. If you do not use the right tools, the paste process may cause scratches, or the film may not stick firmly to the glass and easily peel off during use.

Before gluing, workers need to dry the film to press on the glass. Technical requirements of film drying must ensure adequate temperature so that the film does not shrink or stretch. A properly glued film is that when you hold onto the glass, you don’t feel like the film has been glued. In addition, using films to paste also need to choose quality films, no stains, scratches, bubbles …

Dry the film just enough for the insulation film to squeeze into the car glass
Dry the film just enough for the insulation film to squeeze into the car glass

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Some other notes

You may be wondering about the unusual color of the glazed surface after insulating film. This is a fairly normal phenomenon and after a few days of use this phenomenon will disappear. How quickly or slowly disappears will depend on the weather and how long it takes for the film’s glue to adhere to the glass. So you can feel secure offline. After applying insulation film, special items should be used for cleaning, cleaning glass as well as for storing the film fixed to the glass.

So now car users can answer the concerns surrounding whether to use insulation film for cars or not. Choose a good quality and affordable insulation film so that you always feel safe and comfortable when you drive.

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