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Should I buy iPhone at this time when iPhone 2019 is coming soon?

I have been using iPhone X for over a year and in the past I have "tortured" it quite a lot when I fell the screen, water, damaged Face ID. Now I think about buying a new iPhone like XR or Xs, but some people around me recommend "Wait for a new iPhone and buy it". So what do you think about this issue?

In fact, in July, there was a glimpse of the new launch of the new iPhone in September, if those from iPhone X or 8 Plus are in need of the best iPhone of last year for about 20 – 30 million, it is still quite is "Adventure" when waiting for peace, not buying.

However, I have some share for you who are using the old iPhone like 5/6 / 6s you want to buy a new iPhone (WITHOUT ATTENDING 2019), which iPhone should you choose to upgrade?

iPhone 7/7 Plus: still a great iPhone

The Apple A10 Fusion chip is very good and fulfills our daily use tasks, especially in support of ARKit efficiency. That's why Apple uses it to integrate into the new iPad gen 6 (2017) or the new iPod Touch (2019). Especially with iPhone 7 Plus you can use portrait photography via a second (56mm) camera that is very valuable, because many days a day we use iPhones to take lots of photos and mainly capture people. And for those who buy new products, there is also IP 67 waterproof to use.

Currently, iOS 13 beta supports iPhone 7/7 Plus very well, I believe it still serves you well for up to 2 years. Very worthy to choose in the price range under 10 million.

Buy iPhone X instead of 8/8 Plus

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For those who have a more economical economy, they should buy iPhone X because the current price is quite cheap to reach (20 million new products, 14-16 million products like new). Although iPhone X is worth 2 years ago, it is still "very" good, typically I have had more than 1 year to use it and all operations and experiences are smooth and fast. I am also using the iPad Pro 2018 (Chip A12X), not to say that the iPhone X is still so fast that I don't realize the delay compared to the A12 chip.

In addition to good performance you have other great things:

  • Steel fringes are very durable and polished, if the silver plate is old and fuzzy, polish it up
  • Face ID
  • The screen design is very beautiful, compact enough in the palm
  • Capture Portrait Lightning, Depth Effect, Memoji
  • Power Delivery Charger
  • Support for OS is very long, 3 – 4 years is normal

iPhone X or XR ?: It is still difficult to solve, but it depends on you

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Clearly, the iPhone XR has much better internal hardware improvements than the iPhone X, but in return for "durable" issues, the iPhone X is more.


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