Should I buy an old Peugeot 208?

Should I buy an old Peugeot 208?

Should I buy an old Peugeot 208? Among many models from Japan, the United States bought it Is Peugeot 208 right?

Advantages of old Peugeot 208 cars

If compared with some small, familiar and “popular” hatchback models from Japanese-American brands such as Ford Focus or Mazda 3 … it is clear that the old Peugeot 208 despite the price. quite similar, but possesses many superior points, especially in terms of utilities and technologies.

Exterior has appeal

Peugeot 208 has been compared as “new wind” in the small hatchback segment in Vietnam. This model has a very unique exterior design style, very “Western” with strong lines, is sharp and no less subtle. In addition, the automaker also selected a rather impressive and memorable lion-shaped logo to add a highlight to the front.

Peugeot 208 modelPeugeot 208 model

Not only stop at the design aspect, many people also Peugeot 208 old car reviews There are quite quality and complete exterior equipment. Right from life Peugeot 208 2014, the car has been equipped with the whole lighting system is LED, automatic headlights, electric rearview / folding mirrors with turn indicator, 17 inch alloy wheels … These utilities have also contributed to raising the level of Peugeot , giving users an additional vehicle model.

Affordable selling price

Although classified as “upper projection” but price of old Peugeot 208 car The same is true for some hatchback models from Toyota or Honda. For example, users can now buy an old Peugeot 208 car life of 2014 with prices from 450 million to 550 million depending on the actual situation of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the 2014 Toyota Yaris 5-door car has an old selling price ranging from 450 million to 480 million depending on the quality and upgrades of the owner. Between these two cars there is a lot of difference in utility, but the price difference is not too much.

Meanwhile, one of Peugeot 208’s direct rivals, the old 2014 Mercerdes Benz A-Class is now priced from 800 million to 900 million depending on the version and condition of the vehicle. From there, users can easily see, old Peugeot 208 cars is a fairly quality car but it is relatively “affordable” and affordable price for most customers in Vietnam.

Price of Mercedes A - Class 2014 model

Price of Mercedes A – Class 2014 model

Diverse gadgets and safety technology

This is undoubtedly the greatest strength of Peugeot 208 cars in the fierce competition in the small hatchback segment used in urban areas. The model has been equipped with a series of very high-end gadgets such as: 2-zone air-conditioning, 4.3-inch multi-information LCD screen, 3D sound system connected to 8 high quality music speakers. 3-spoke leather steering wheel integrated with many gadgets and navigation keys …

Control area of ​​the car 208 with many buttons to adjust utilityControl area of ​​the car 208 with many buttons to adjust utility

Regarding safety technology, Peugeot 208 also has a lot of quality features such as: electronic balance system, BA / ABS / EBD brakes, anti-skid, speed limit, automatic throttle, front and rear sensor , reversing camera … along with 4 standard airbags. It can be affirmed that modern safety equipment is also one of the reasons that users choose buy an old Peugeot 208 car.

Suitable for many customers

Compared to “elder” Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 208 has improved quite a lot in steering power, gear lever and accelerator to reduce weight and help owners more easily control. It is this improvement that helps Peugeot 208 come closer to users, especially for female customers, wishing to use daily commuter vehicles in urban areas.

Cons of old Peugeot 208 cars

Although there are many strengths but the car model Old Peugeot 208 Still need to continue to improve because the car still has some disadvantages such as:

Rear seats are not reasonable design

According to feedback from users of old Peugeot 208 cars, the backseat of the rear seats of the car is a bit vertical and not really soft when sitting. In addition, the backrest can not recline, so the people sitting in this row will be very tired and uncomfortable if they have to travel far. This shortcoming has caused Peugeot 208 to limit its usability, almost confined to the group of customers using short-distance vehicles in urban areas.

The back seat of the backseat is very standing and causes fatigue when sitting for long periodsThe back seat of the backseat is very standing and causes fatigue when sitting for long periods

The chassis is too low

Despite being positioned as a high rooftop hatchback, Peugeot has a chassis brightness of only 129mm. Therefore, Peugeot 208 is extremely poorly adapted to uneven terrain, even on low sidewalks it can be scratched. This is a weakness that affects quite seriously the user experience that Peugeot has not yet overcome in 208.

Peugeot 208 chassis is quite lowPeugeot 208 chassis is quite low

Price drops fast

In the near future, it is expected that Peugeot 208 will also become one of the fast-depreciating models by THACO Truong Hai – the importer will no longer distribute this car in Vietnam. This opens up opportunities for customers who are looking to own a 2018 Peugeot as a means of transportation because they will buy a good quality car at a “soft” price. However, for those who intend to use the car for a long time, it is necessary to consider the “economic problem” because the car will depreciate quickly and cannot sell well if used for a few more years.

Should I buy an old Peugeot 2018?

In conclusion, if evaluated fairly, although there are many advantages, Peugeot 208 is a quite “protruding” model because it has not really clearly shaped the segment and created a clear difference with the rival car or “lower door”. In addition, the performance of this model is also limited by low ground and only one drive.

Therefore, if you are female and need an urban-only vehicle, many utilities and assistive technologies, you can choose. Peugeot 208 cars as a means of transportation. In case you need multi-purpose vehicles, serving many different needs, you should consider choosing other models more suitable.

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