Should I buy an old luxury car?  Which old luxury car should I buy?

Should I buy an old luxury car? Which old luxury car should I buy?

Although the old luxury car in Vietnam is cheap, it also has many potential risks. Should I buy a used luxury car? If buying, which old luxury car should I choose?

Although popular cars are increasingly upgraded in terms of design, technology equipment … but it is difficult to compare with the class of luxury cars, especially in terms of driving feeling. Luxury cars always have an irresistible appeal. This is the reason why many people are willing to spend more than a billion dong to buy an old luxury car instead of a “deliciously new” medium-sized car.

Why are old luxury cars cheap?

Not only in Vietnam but in most markets, luxury cars lose their prices quickly. According to the results of a survey from automobile site iSeeCars, after the first three years of use, the Audi A6 lost 55.8% of its value, Audi A4 51%, BMW 3 Series 53.4%, Mercedes E Class 52.7%… This is the reason why luxury old cars are cheap.

There are many reasons why luxury cars lose their prices quickly. Which is mainly because European luxury cars are not as stable and durable as Japanese cars. The cost of reuse is high. Low popularity, small number of buyers.

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Old luxury cars are cheap because they lose prices quickly

In addition, the price of new cars is not stable. Almost luxury car prices will increase when the new version is launched, a new generation, then there is a strong downward trend. This makes old car prices also decrease.

Also another reason is European luxury car often constantly updating, upgrading new. Because European luxury cars are always at the forefront and compete a lot in the application of new technology. This inadvertently makes old cars become outdated and out of date. Hence in the way calculating the value of old cars, old luxury cars often have great depreciation, leading to a rapid drop in selling price.

Should I buy an old luxury car?

The most attractive feature of old luxury cars is the low price. Because of the rapid depreciation, buying a used luxury car will be much more profitable than buying a new car in terms of economy. Instead of buying a new car to incur a high depreciation rate in the first 3 years of use, choose a used car for 1-4 years, buyers can save 20% – 50% compared to new cars. While these vehicles are still quite new, almost not degraded. With a deeper luxury car, the selling price is even more attractive.

Buying a used luxury car benefits more in price than buying a new luxury car

Although there are great benefits in terms of selling price, buying a used luxury car is also potentially risky. This is the reason why many people are wondering whether to buy a used luxury car or not.

One thing that everyone recognizes is that European luxury cars are not as stable and durable as Japanese cars. The longer it is used, the lower the quality of the details. This means that there is a higher chance of the vehicle having trouble or damage.

On the other hand, luxury cars inherently have a complicated design, applying many technologies, so the repair will be more difficult and the cost is obviously higher. With serious failures, the repair cost can be several tens to hundreds of million dong. This is the reason why many experts advise to avoid buying an old luxury car even though it is very cheap. Because deep old cars are easily damaged, the cost of repairing a few times can be higher than the purchase of the car.

Buying a used luxury car is quite risky

The risk is even higher when it is difficult for the buyer to check how the previous owners take care of and maintain the car. The cost of maintenance, repair, genuine spare parts … of a luxury car is quite expensive. Therefore, many car owners are afraid of money, so car maintenance is delayed, spare parts are replaced or changed to floating outside. There are even people who do not repair or accept the ride with technical problems. If you do not check carefully, buy the wrong car of this type, the risk of “money loss” is very high.

The experience of buying a used luxury car

Luxury cars have always had an irresistible appeal, especially with high demands on driving experience. Buying a used luxury car is absolutely a good option if you want a budget that is not abundant. However, before buying, in addition to finding out the price of the car, you should consider the cost of using. By sure expenses for car farming luxury cars will be slightly higher than ordinary cars.

Regarding the experience of buying second-hand luxury cars, to minimize the risks, it should be noted that only luxury cars should be purchased for less than 7-10 years. Priority should be given to the selection of reputable durable cars. Limit buying used cars for 10 years. This is one of the old cars that should not be bought because despite its attractive price, these cars have been degraded a lot, with low safety index, especially the risk of serious damage is very high. With cheap imported old cars, care should be taken to avoid falling into cases of being fooled when buying used cars.

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Do not buy an old luxury car that is more than 10 years deep

Besides, should prioritize reliable sources. If you do not have much experience, it is best to buy at reputable used car dealers or buy second-hand cars at the company.

When buying, you need to check the old luxury car carefully, such as checking the engine, checking the vehicle’s interior, checking the car’s paint, checking the car VIN number, checking the vehicle’s odometer … accident or not, the vehicle is damaged or not … Can be used used car inspection service to know the exact status of car damage.

A special note for luxury cars, if you want to be sure, only buy a car with a “clean” maintenance history, that is genuine maintenance, never maintenance – repair in the outside garage.

Which brand should I buy a luxury car?

According to Consumer Reports, Lexus is currently the most durable luxury car brand available today. Although the car price is higher than many European luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW good Audi, but carriers Japanese car This still has a certain number of users.

Resilient Lexus doesn’t mean it’s not damaged. Durability here is mainly stability in form. At the same time of use, the same periodic maintenance schedule is similar but Lexus car with more stable performance, quality of interior and exterior details and better performance than European cars in the same segment. In simple words, Lexus has a better “resilience to time”. So if endurance is high, Lexus is the best choice first.

Lexus – Toyota is considered the most durable car company today

Mercedes-Benz is the luxury car company with the highest sales today. In Vietnam this is currently the most popular luxury brand. Therefore, if you buy a used luxury car, you will have many advantages. High popularity gives buyers more choice. This also makes maintenance, repair and replacement of car parts and components easier.

Besides, the price Mercedes models Old “affordable” is often quite “soft” because new cars are locally assembled. Mercedes cars are also rated by many users as “benign”, with little damage.

Apart from Lexus and Mercedes, BMW and Audi are also famous luxury car manufacturers. BMW stands out for its sporty driving experience, Audi is strong in comfort and comfort. With luxury sports car, can refer to the brands Jaguar car, Porsche good Land Rover

Top old luxury cars worth buying most

According to the advice of buying used luxury cars from experts as well as reputable car specialists, the following are old luxury cars that are highly appreciated today.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

If you want to buy a cheap old luxury car, the Mercedes C-Class with versions C200, C300 is the most worthwhile option. This is the best-selling luxury car in Vietnam. Mercedes C-Class is favored for its “soft” price, “benign” with less spoilage, luxurious design no less than the “elder” of higher class …

Old Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is a model sedan car medium. Compared to competitors in the same segment, Mercedes E200, E300 It is appreciated for its spacious space, modern safety system, powerful operation … This is also a model with friendly interface and easy to drive, easy to use.

Old Mercedes E-Class

Lexus ES

Lexus ES is one of the best-selling models from Lexus. The car is known for its durability and reliability. In particular, the Lexus ES has a hybrid version that is rated well with the ability to operate both powerful and fuel efficient.

Old Lexus ES

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size luxury sedan that stands out with a sporty, luxurious style. Versions BMW 520i and 530i They are all appreciated for their sporty driving experience, impressive acceleration, stable body and fast response …

Old BMW 5 Series

Audi A6

Audi A6 is considered one of the “legend” of Audi. The car has a great advantage in intelligent driving experience thanks to the application of many new technologies.

Old Audi A6

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Mercedes GLC is the best-selling 5-seater high-end car in the segment. The attraction of GLC is mainly in eye-catching design, good performance, modern equipment … Price for GLC 200 good GLC 300 also quite “soft” compared to many other competitors.

Old Mercedes GLC

Lexus NX

If you like SUVs High, both luxurious and durable, the Lexus NX is considered to be a good choice worth a reference. In the segment, the Lexus NX stands out with its ability to operate smoothly, stably and economically.

Old Lexus NX

Vu Pham

Frequently asked questions about old luxury cars

? Which brand should I buy a luxury car?

Reply: You can refer to old luxury cars from brands such as Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi… These are all highly appreciated car manufacturers.

? Should I buy a cheap used luxury car?

Reply: According to many experts, with cheap old luxury cars that have been used for more than 10 years, you should not buy. Because of the high risk of damage, the use value is not much.

? Which cheap old luxury car should I buy?

Reply: Some cheap old luxury cars popular in the market can be mentioned as: Mercedes C200 – C300, Audi A4, BMW 320i …

? Does Vietnam have any old luxury car fair?

Reply: Currently, our country does not have a used luxury car fair, but some old car fairs are being held. In these fairs, besides popular cars, there are also many old luxury cars.

? What is the address of reputable old luxury car showroom in Ho Chi Minh City?

Reply: There are many famous old car showrooms in Ho Chi Minh City including: Anycar Saigon, Auto Cong Hoa, Auto Chinh Hung, Hung Thinh Auto …

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