Should I buy an old diesel car?

Should I buy an old diesel car?

Old diesel motor cars have many advantages but also many limitations. So should I buy an old diesel car or not?

Regarding fuel used, automobile engines are divided into two categories: diesel engine (also known as Diesel engine) using Diesel fuel and gasoline engine using gasoline fuel. Each type of engine has its own characteristics and strengths. These characteristics and strengths are even more evident in old cars – when the car has been in use for a long time.

When buying a car, besides such problems should buy a new or old car, Should I buy a used luxury car or buy cheap imported old car No… many people are still pondering over whether to buy used oil motorbikes.

Old oil motorcycle advantages and disadvantages

Vehicle old car Oil machines have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Strong engine, high load

Compared to a gasoline engine, a diesel engine always has a higher torque with a lower rev range. This helps the car car Stronger oil machine, with greater traction. Because the higher the torque, the more work the engine can perform.

For example, the Toyota Fortuner version 2.7L petrol engine with a maximum capacity of 164 hp at 5,200 rpm, a maximum torque of 245 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Toyota Fortuner version 2.4L oil engine for a maximum capacity of 148 horsepower at 3,400 rpm, but maximum torque up to 400 Nm at 1,600-2,000 rpm.

When comparing these two versions, it is easy to see that the torque of the diesel version is much higher than that of the gasoline engine. This is why heavy trucks are often equipped with diesel engines instead of petrol engines.

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Old diesel cars are strong, have good towing capacity and have higher load capacity than gasoline motorcycles
  • Energy saving

The fuel consumption of oil motorcycles is also lower than that of gasoline motorcycles. Oil engine performance is also better than gasoline. Because 1 liter of gasoline when completely burned produces about 8,140 calories, while in oil it is 8,755 calories. Diesel price is also lower than gasoline price. Therefore, the cost of raising old diesel cars is usually lower than that of gasoline engines.

The fuel consumption of old oil motorcycles is lower than that of gasoline motorcycles
  • Durable & less petty

Old diesel cars are often rated for being more durable than gasoline motorcycles. Because the oil engine does not have an ignition or a carburetor. So less petty.

  • Keep better prices

In the calculation of the price of old cars, because they are more durable, the old oil motorbikes often keep their prices better than gasoline motorcycles in the same segment. This is the reason why the price of used cars of diesel versions such as Toyota Fortuner, Hyundai SantaFe, Kia Sedona… usually higher than a gas engine.

Used oil motorbikes often hold better prices than gasoline motorcycles in the same segment


  • High maintenance and repair costs

Compared to gasoline scooters, old diesel motor cars have costs maintenance and repair higher. Because the structure of a diesel engine is more complicated, components such as high pressure pumps, injectors … have more sophisticated design. Repairing oil engines requires highly skilled craftsmen as well as modern equipment.

  • Lack when accelerating

Because of the high compression ratio, the oil engine has a low maximum rpm. Hence, diesel motorbikes have high torque but have lower capacity than gasoline motorcycles. This makes the ability to accelerate oil motorcycles always slower than gasoline motorcycles. After a long period of use, it is easy to see the machine stagnant, the driver speed is not smooth, common in the models. SUVs old cheap oil machine. However, when the diesel motorcycle reaches a steady medium to high speed, it will still operate smoothly.

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Used oil motorbikes often lags when accelerating
  • Loud noise, smell and exhaust a lot

One major downside to old diesel cars is the noise. With the new diesel motorcycle series, the noise has been somewhat improved thanks to the application of many advanced technologies and reinforcement. car soundproof stickers. However, with older cars, most still suffer from this somewhat annoying noise.

Besides the noise, oil motorcycles can easily smell. This disadvantage is very common in old diesel cars. In addition, the exhaust gas volume of oil motorcycles is also higher than that of gasoline motorcycles.

Should buy used oil motorbikes?

The old diesel motor vehicle has the advantage of traction – large load capacity, and economical fuel consumption. Disadvantages are the inactive and less smooth operation compared to the gasoline engine, high maintenance costs and loud noise …

With these features, if you buy a car mainly for traveling in the city, it is advisable to choose a gasoline motorbike instead of an old diesel engine. Because oil motorcycles in the street will be quite sluggish and heavy. Busy roads in crowded streets require vehicles to constantly accelerate and decelerate, which easily affects the engine oil, especially with old cars. Meanwhile, if you choose a gasoline motorbike, going in the street will be much softer, more comfortable and quieter.

If you buy a car that mainly moves long distances, often goes long distances, goes downhill, off-road, carries heavy things … then the old diesel motorbike is more suitable. Because oil motorcycles have good tensile strength, high heavy load capacity and fuel consumption savings.

However, in order to ensure that the car is still in good operation, the priority should be given to the selection of reputable durable cars, avoiding cars that should not be purchased such as 10-year old cars, tax refunds, old cars with hydrodynamics old car accident … You can choose to buy a used car in the company to be more assured of quality.

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Frequently asked questions about the old diesel motor car

? Should buy used oil motorbikes?

Reply: If you buy a car mainly for moving in the city, you should not buy used oil motorbikes. If you buy a car traveling long distances, need heavy loads, go on a steep mountain pass … the old diesel motorbike is very suitable.

? Gasoline scooters or old oil engines are more durable?

Reply: Oil scooters are often rated for being more durable than gasoline motorcycles of the same type.

? Why is old oil engine more expensive than gas engine?

Reply: Because the structure is more complicated, the initial investment cost of diesel motorcycle is already higher than that of gasoline motorcycle. On the other hand, due to their durability, the old oil motorbikes keep their prices better than gasoline motorcycles. This is why used motorbikes are more expensive than gasoline engines.

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