Should I buy a water battery or dry battery for my car?

Should I buy a water battery or dry battery for my car?

Currently, there are two types of dry battery and water accumulator in common use. Types of car battery, each has different advantages and disadvantages.

So is it better to use dry battery batteries or water bottles for cars? Which type of battery is the most durable?

Distinguish dry and water accumulators

Dry battery is a battery that is designed to be airtight, no need to add water periodically after using time. In essence, the battery still contains acid H2SO4, but it is in the form of a gel, not a liquid solution. In essence, dry batteries are airtight and are often called dry batteries to distinguish them from water batteries.

The dry battery pack is designed to be airtight and requires no additional water

Structure of the water battery is designed in a rectangular shape and has many cells inside, in each cell will have a screw cap on the top. Each cell of this type of battery has metal, lead leaf alternating with dilute sulfuric acid solution of suitable concentration. This type of battery contains liquid inside so it is often called a water battery and requires periodic refilling of distilled water. Note that this type of battery contains a corrosive acid solution inside, which is easy to wire out, so when using it very carefully to avoid dangerous hand wires.

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Advantages and disadvantages of car battery types

Dry battery advantages and disadvantages

Dry batteries are often used for vehicles that travel little or often travel short distances. Dry batteries have many advantages such as:

  • For a long time not in use without fear of running out of electricity.
  • The bottle rarely leaks solution, does not generate gas outside, so it does not cause unpleasant odors to the user.
  • Long service life without additional electrolyte.

Dry batteries have the advantage of not requiring additional water or maintenance

  • During use, no additional water or maintenance is required.
  • The battery is very durable, strong and has been applied many new technologies.
  • Dry batteries are generally cleaner than water batteries because the metal around them is not corroded by acid vapors.

Besides the outstanding advantages of dry batteries, they also have some limitations such as:

  • The price of dry car batteries is more expensive than conventional batteries.
  • It is easy to run out of power suddenly if the user does not notice, causing difficulty and trouble in the case of driving on the street.

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Advantages and disadvantages of water batteries

Water batteries are often used appropriately and conveniently for vehicle users who often travel long distances. The advantages of using dry batteries include:

  • The water battery voltage is stronger than the electricity in a dry battery.
  • The structure of water batteries is simple, so the price is also cheaper than dry batteries.
  • The water battery can be easily removed from the car to use for other electrical equipment such as electric fans, electric bulbs, …
  • The normal electricity is weaker and then completely gone, so the user can easily recognize it to promptly recharge. Especially, this type of battery can still be restored for a long time, so users will be able to take the initiative to bring the car to repair centers to recharge or replace the battery.

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The advantages of the water battery are strong voltage, low price

Besides the advantages, the type of water battery also has some limitations such as:

  • Regularly add additional voltage to the battery periodically and must add electrolyte to each cell if it is lower than the specified level.
  • Car water can cause an unpleasant odor or burn gas when charging the car battery.
  • Shorter usage time compared with dry battery.
  • The acid solution inside the bottle easily evaporates, so the inside of the lid is prone to rust.

Should I buy a water battery or dry battery for my car?

Currently, many people wonder whether to buy water batteries or dry batteries for cars? Use the best car battery? According to the notes when buying car batteries, the life expectancy of dry batteries is longer than that of water batteries. However, in fact, determining dry or more durable water batteries depends on usage and preservation of users.

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Whether the use of a dry or water battery depends on the user’s preference and needs

Each type of battery has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for each vehicle. Choosing the type of water battery or dry battery for car depends on the preferences, needs and use of each person.

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