Should I buy a used car at the company?

Should I buy a used car at the company?

Buying a used car at the company will be assured of the quality and origin of the car, but there are many limitations. So should I buy a used car at the company?

With car buyers old carFinding a reliable place to buy a car is extremely difficult. Buying and selling used cars in Vietnam has two most popular channels: shops and online sale. However, both of these channels have many potential risks in terms of vehicle origin, vehicle quality … There have been many cases of old car buyers being “fooled”, falling into the situation of “half crying and half laughing”, even ” money lost carrying disability “.

However, nowadays, there is another more reliable channel for buying used cars, which is buying used cars at the company. In addition to new car business, some companies also trade in used cars. Buy car The old company used to be only available in foreign countries, but in recent years it has become more and more popular in Vietnam.

Advantages and disadvantages when buying a used car at the company


  • Car quality is guaranteed

When buying a used car, what most people worry about is the quality of the car. To assess the condition of the vehicle, one must conduct many checks such as: checking the frame number, check old car engine, Check the car paint, check the car interior, check the chassis to test the driving experience … If you want to accurately assess the buyer must find a good mechanic or old car inspection service profession. This is time consuming and costly. While the evaluation results are only relative, difficult to completely accurate.

If you buy a used car at the manufacturer, the buyer will not need to worry about this. Because the input of the old car in the company is very strict. The vehicle must go through a very rigorous inspection process such as checking if the vehicle is still operating properly, if there are any errors, Check if the car has an accident, Check if the car is serviced, have you ever been bombarded …

Used cars at the company go through a very rigorous inspection process

How to check used cars at the company is very professional. They have a comprehensive inspection process. For example, used cars at Mercedes-Benz will be checked for more than 110 items by a team of engineers, professional machinery systems and technology. Used cars at Toyota are checked to 176 technical items.

In addition to the quality issue, the old car at the company must also satisfy many other standards such as: used car no more than 100,000 km or 5 years, a car with genuine maintenance history, never maintenance – repair. external treatment …

Therefore, when buying a used car at the company, the buyer will be able to remove the “burden” of worrying about the quality of the car, not be afraid to buy the wrong old car that is “bummed”, used motorbikes have “diapers”. , used car has been in an accident, been hydrostatic … This is the biggest advantage when buying a used car at the company.

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Buying a used car at the company is guaranteed and committed to the quality of the car
  • Origin, transparent vehicle information

When buying a genuine used car, the buyer also does not have to worry about the car’s origin, not afraid to buy the wrongly imported car, the car is stolen, the car is rewinding the speedometer… Because before reaching the hands of customers, the profile and information of the old car have been thoroughly checked by the company. You can be sure that a genuine car, even a used car, has transparent information, a “clean” background, and does not worry about being fooled when buying a used car.

  • Listed prices

At the company, buyers do not have to worry about the price of used cars or pay the price when buying a used car, no need to worry about being “pumped”, buying is “wrong” … Because the car prices are clearly listed publicly.

The prices of used cars in the company are clearly listed
  • Purchase and sale procedures in accordance with regulations

Buying and selling used cars with the company is sure to be more secure than that of small businesses or private transactions. In the used car sale and purchase contract, clearly the terms agreed upon. Procedures to change car names is done in accordance with regulations. After receiving the car if detecting abnormalities, the buyer can completely complain and claim compensation in accordance with the signed contract.

  • Genuine warranty car

Buying a genuine second-hand car has a big advantage of having its standard nationwide genuine warranty. Used car for example Mercedes Genuine usually warranty 12 months, unlimited number of kilometers, used car Toyota Sure will have a 12 month or 20,000 km warranty with the engine and gear

Buying a genuine used car will have genuine warranty up to 1 year
  • Support for buying a car with low interest installments

Car manufacturers often cooperate with banks to offer customers packages Car loan installment payment Preferential interest rate. These loan packages not only apply to new cars but also used cars. Simple procedures, fast.

  • Many incentives and gifts

Buying a used car at the company, buyers also have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives and gifts from car manufacturers such as Car insurance, car accessories package, car maintenance package …


In addition to many advantages, buying a used car at a genuine dealer also has certain limitations.

  • The price of the car is higher than the market

Car prices The old sold at the company is usually 3% – 10% higher than the general market level. This is one of the reasons why many people are wondering whether to buy a used car or not. Actually this is also easy to understand. In return for a high guarantee of quality or vehicle history, of course the price will be higher.

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The price of used cars sold at the company is often higher than the market level
  • Select choose less abundant

Because it is not a main business and the input standards are strict, the number of used cars at the company is usually not much. Used cars sold at the company almost have only a few models with not too old models. In addition, there are only a handful of car manufacturers that have used car businesses such as Mercedes-Benz with Mercedes-Benz Certified, Toyota with Toyota Sure, Ford with Ford Assured… So buying a used car in the company has fewer options.

Should I buy a used car at the company?

According to experts, buying a genuine used car will be the right choice for those who are not “connoisseurs” of cars, afraid of evaluating the car inspection, afraid to pay the price, unable to find a source of buying worthwhile used cars. trust … At this point, if you choose to buy a genuine used car, the process of buying a car will be simpler, everything is guaranteed, with a clear commitment.

Buying a used car in the company is also very suitable first-time car buyers. Because the company has a professional customer care service, a clear car warranty policy … If you want to buy a used car by installment payment with simple, quick procedures, preferential interest rates … then buy a used car. Genuine is also a worthwhile option. In addition, according to some experienced people, if buy a second-hand luxury car Typically Mercedes-Benz should prioritize buying at the company to be more secure.

Vinh Phan

Frequently asked questions about buying used cars at the company

? Should I buy a used car in the company’s showroom?

Reply: According to experts, buying a genuine second-hand car will be the right choice for first-time car buyers, who want to have a high guarantee of car quality (afraid to check the car, pay the price … ), those who want to buy used cars on installment, those who buy used luxury cars …

? Where to buy a genuine used Toyota car?

Reply: Toyota’s second-hand car business is called Toyota Sure. Currently most genuine Toyota dealers have Toyota Sure. To buy genuine used Toyota car you can go directly to Toyota dealers nationwide.

? Where to buy genuine old Mercedes car?

Reply: Mercedes-Benz also specializes in selling used cars. Currently, almost all genuine Mercedes-Benz dealers have this used car business.

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