Should I buy a used BMW 320i?

Should I buy a used BMW 320i?

As the “luxury” model used to be quite famous, even the old BMW 320i is still in the “sight” of many people.

About the BMW 320i

320i is a car model BMW 3-Series Developed by the car company BMW for the first time since 1975. Up to now, 3-Series has gone through 6 different generations of cars with many improvements and upgrades to create a mid-size sports sedan. segment head. With the 320i version, this model was also developed from the very beginning with 2 versions for the European market and the world market.

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In Vietnam, since 2009, EURO Auto has received the official distribution rights for BMW 320i versions for countries with tropical climates. At the time of 2009, the new car has a selling price of more than 1 billion VND. The version sold in Vietnam uses a 2.0L petrol engine for a maximum capacity of 170 horsepower and 210Nm of torque. Vehicles using AT 6-speed gearbox.

Old model BMW 320i 2013

However, in 2017, due to the tax evasion scandal of the Euro Auto distributor, the import of BMW cars in general and the 320i in particular was “stalled” for about a year. By 2018, THACO Truong Hai has negotiated with the German automaker to continue to have the right to distribute BMW cars in Vietnam. As for the 320i line, Truong Hai’s 2018 car price decreased to 221 million, only from 1,319 to 1,509 billion dong compared to the announced price of the old unit of 1,525 to 1,600 billion dong. This will also be a good opportunity for car owners to buy Used BMW 320i own the desired car at a good price. In the market, the BMW 320i competes directly with the Mercedes C200 and the Audi A4.

Advantages of the old BMW 320i

Very quality exterior

BMW almost always makes customers satisfied by its beautiful, sporty and eye-catching exterior design. From version 2009 to 2016, car BMW 320i There is a slight change in style, from strong lines that are somewhat “pitiful” to more elegant, sophisticated and softer than 2016. This is a period of improvement and change. exterior to suit the aesthetic trend of customers. The 320i’s hood segment also tends to last long, similar to its old Mercedes C-Class rival.

2015 BMW 320i

Plus, the bodywork and paintwork are also well-rated for thickness and durability, so even the ones 2009 BMW 320i if handled carefully and without impact, it is still very new, less scratched and not outdated. In addition to that, in terms of exterior equipment, many people evaluate old BMW 320i owns top-of-the-line equipment at the same time such as LED taillights with diode technology or monolithic 5-spoke alloy wheels.

CBU imported car

This is also the strength that many users love when buy a used BMW 320i. The reason is that according to the Vietnamese opinion, CBU cars often have better quality and durability than domestic assembled cars, especially cars imported directly from manufacturers in the US or Europe. . In addition, imported used car The whole unit, although the purchase price is higher than the assembled car, but in return, the ability to keep the price is also better than the cars of the same line, the same model but are installed in Vietnam.

Good operating experience

Because it was shaped as a sports sedan car BMW 320i giving vehicle owners a very impetuous and powerful driving feeling. 2009 car, although only installed 2.0L engine, but has the ability to accelerate very impressive compared to other models at the same time: from 0 – 100km in only 8.2s. Maximum speed reached 226km / h. Coming to version 2017 BMW 320i, the company has made significant improvements to the 320i when helping the car with a 2.0L engine, but with a capacity of up to 184 – 185 horsepower and a torque of 285Nm. Acceleration time from 0 – 100km / h is only 7.30s

BMW 320i engine compartment

However, not because of its good acceleration, the BMW 320i lacks compactness. The car has a good center and chassis, so the ability to balance cornering is good, running at high speeds without vibrations and sound insulation is also assessed to be continuously improved with each vehicle life. Can be confirmed, though buy old BMW 320i the owners still have very good operating experiences.

The BMW 320i offers users a memorable driving experience

Luxury interior

Belonging to the “luxury” group, the BMW 320i is also equipped with very good quality interiors. The 2017 version of the 320i has an elegant and luxurious light-cream leather interior. The dashboard clearly demonstrates the “asymmetric” philosophy of BMW and the design is oriented towards the driver.

The interior is also very quality with a luxurious 3-spoke leather steering wheel that integrates many modern features: Cruise Control, audio adjustment … cluster of 4 analog clocks displaying “luxurious” design, button Start / Stop action, gear switch … Basic utilities include: 2-zone climate control, smartphones, IDrive interface, 6.5 inch screen, 9 entertainment speakers, CD player … In addition to this version , vehicle owners can also upgrade the utility through equipment packages.

Interior BMW 320i 2016

Full safety technology

BMW 320i is “armed” quite fully in terms of safety. In addition to overcoming strict safety standards in Europe and the US for body strength, the 320i also has 6 airbags, electronic balance system, anti-slip, body stabilization, headlights. smart, anti-lock brakes … A series of these features will help car owners feel more secure when holding 320i steering wheel and have a good ride experience.

Disadvantages of old BMW 320i

Although the quality is very good, but the car still has certain limitations. These defect Old BMW 320i causing many users to hesitate in front of this attractive “driver” model.

The price falls fast

Not only old 320i, this is a common problem that everyone wants buy a used luxury car have to face. Cars like the 320i depreciate quite quickly from their original price, with an average drop of 7-10% per year. Therefore, if you only buy a car for use in a certain period of time, the owner should also take into account this issue to avoid losing a lot when selling the car.

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The price drop is very evident through a simple comparison. Currently, many cars Old 2009 BMW 320i the “standard” version is only sold for 500-550 million. Only a few cars carefully maintained and have “level” added “new toys” priced from 650 to 700 million. This price of 500 million is even equal to a Toyota Vios segment from 2017 to 2018 with the manual.

Price of old BMW 320i 2009

Expensive repair costs

The cost of replacing parts, maintaining and repairing the BMW 320i is actually much more expensive than “popular” cars. In addition, with serious failures, the owner has to wait because the market lacks good parts and skilled workers. In addition, with the ownership of a BMW “luxury car”, it is difficult for owners to find a genuine maintenance center because the number of distribution shops and repair centers is very limited.

Often “dance”

Using an expensive car means that your car is often in the “sight” of petty thieves. Many car owners have reflected on the situation when stopping the car, the car mirror or car logo was stolen … But the cost of replacing the mirror, replacing the genuine logo is not cheap, so the owner should also pay attention to this issue when choosing buy car.

While there are huge downs to running costs later on, admittedly the BMW 320i is still the car old car very quality and worth a try. The car is suitable for owners who need an elegant car for their work or who love a strong and sporty driving experience from BMW. However, when buying this second-hand luxury car, you should find experienced car mechanics or knowledgeable about cars to test drive and price to avoid spending a lot of money to buy poor quality BMW 320i.

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